Texas High School Removes Restroom Doors, Invades Students' Privacy?

urnial It’s a somewhat common form of punishment for high school students: taking their door off it’s hinges. However, you usually think of this happening in the student’s bedroom at home, not on their high school’s restrooms. Yet, this is exactly what has happened at McKinney North High School in Texas. The school says it removed the doors to “keep kids safe,” but many think the real motivation for removing the doors was to prevent students from having sex in the restrooms.

“We’ve had a dialog about removing the doors from the restrooms for a couple of years,” said Cody Cunningham, a spokesman for the McKinney Independent School District. “The students felt like the reason we were removing them was because of some inappropriate sexual behavior in the restrooms, but that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

The fact that the removal of the doors coincided with a time when officials were reprimanding students for inappropriate displays of affection in the hallways gives the students’ argument more strength. The school district claims that these two events are not related, but it still seems suspicious to me.

“We have schools in the rest of our district that don’t have doors on the restrooms so this isn’t the first one,” said Cunningham.

Even if McKinney North High School isn’t the first high school to remove the restroom doors, parents and students are still upset. Many are saying that this is an invasion of the students’ privacy. The school says that because there is not a direct line of sight from the hallways into the restrooms, it is not an offense.

I remember when I was in high school, there was one bathroom that did not have a door and nobody would use it because they were embarrassed at the thought of being seen. However, if it is really for the students’ “safety,” like Cunningham claims, then I support this decision, even though he failed to explain how not having doors on restrooms makes the students any safer. If it’s really to keep kids from having sex in the bathrooms, just say so!

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One Response to “Texas High School Removes Restroom Doors, Invades Students’ Privacy?”

  1. Pamela Robinson says:

    I understand that restrooms in San Jose inner city high schools have no doors, but the reason is said to prevent drug use or some such. For girls this is extremely problematic not to have privacy, so the girls themselves form a line and only one girl at a time uses the restroom. To me it is another step towards making schools to be like prisons. No wonder our children do not receive good educations.

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