Take a Crash Course in Celiac Survival on a College Campus

bunch of grainShelby Kaho is a college sophomore and a professional blogger for CeliacsInTheHouse.com. She has also not eaten anything that contains gluten for the past six years. In case you are wondering why Shelby has given up cakes, breads, and other products that contain gluten, it is because she is a celiac, which means she has a gluten allergy/intolerance.

In order to raise awareness about living gluten-free, Shelby recently wrote a series of blogs for DietsInReview.com. Her recent articles on this website have address concerns that celiac college students face, such as how to avoid eating gluten on their college’s campus. Looking for leadership training to make your business grow? Visit this site to find more information.

Voicing Concerns Made Dining Safer for One Gluten-Free College Student.
In this article, Shelby shares her story of when she first moved to college and had to face a dangerous place for celiacs: the campus cafeteria. Shelby says that although her school promised to help her stay safe by providing foods that were gluten-free, the cafeteria workers were uneducated about what “gluten-free” really means and accidentally cross-contaminated her food with foods that contained gluten. Luckily for Shelby, her efforts and wiliness to work with the cafeteria staff and dining manager paid off and her dining hall is much safer for celiac diners. At the end of the article, Shelby offers advice for celiac students who are trying to fit in and feel included on their school’s campus.

Choosing a Gluten Free College.

This article is written from a parent’s point of view and offers advice for helping students find a school that is sensitive to the needs of people who have celiac disease. Some of the tips are things that you wouldn’t think of on your own, such as being cautious about schools with new dining managers because these inexperienced people might not know the ropes about accommodating people with celiac disease.
Being able to eat on your college’s campus is a very important part of the college experience. So, if you have celiac disease, this article could become very valuable in helping you enjoy the campus life.

Gluten-Free Dorm Room Survival Tips.

If you live in a dorm room, you probably don’t expect to be able to make pizza, French toast, and chocolate chip cookies in your dorm room. If you are gluten-free, the chances of your being able to do this in your dorm room are even less. This is why Shelby recommends doing your heavy cooking when you go home for the weekend, freezing what you cook, and bringing it back to the dorms with you when you go back to school. She also offers advice for other dorm-friendly snacks, such as gluten-free pretzels, beef jerky, and microwaveable rice.
Let’s face it, you are going to get a midnight craving for something to eat when you are living in the dorms. So, follow Shelby’s tips and plan ahead so that when that craving hits, you won’t have to take “risks with your health just because it may be more convenient at the time [to not eat prepared, gluten-free foods].”

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