10 College Athletes to Watch at the Olympics

Classes begin in just a few weeks for college students. For those who are returning from a summer break, the tricky transition of balancing classes, homework, a job, and a social life begins once more.

Imagine if you had to add “catching up” to the list because you’ll be missing the first few days of class due to the Olympics. Not from watching the games or even attending, but because you’ll be competing in the international event. Many of Team USA’s athletes will be missing class this semester while they go for the gold in London. In fact, 5/8 of the US men’s Olympic gymnasts are University of Oklahoma students!

USA Today recently compiled a list of 10 college Olympians to keep your eye on during these summer games.

1. Miranda Leek – Texas A&M University – Archery

2. Sam Mikulak – University of Michigan – Gymnastics

3. Caitlin Leverenz – University of California at Berkeley – Swimming

4. Jacob Dalton – University of Oklahoma – Gymnastics

5. Elizabeth Beisel – University of Florida – Swimming

6. Race Imboden – University of Notre Dame – Fencing

7. Rachel Bootsma – University of California at Berkeley: Swimming

8. Breeja Larson – Texas A&M University – Swimming

9. Tony McQuay – University of Florida – Track and field

10. Nick McCrory – Duke University – Diving

What amazing accomplishments for all of these athletes. Performing well on the collegiate stage tends to be more than a small challenge for most of us, but these students have an international stage to contend with as well. Hopefully their professors will be understanding or maybe they’ll let the missed work be forgiven if they bring their medals for show-and-tell!

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Jacob Dalton image via beachsidecrossfit.com

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