More Than 100 College Professors Sign Letter to Legalize Marijuana

More than 100 college professors signed their names on a letter advocating the legalization of marijuana. The letter was released yesterday by the campaign Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol.

The letter was signed by professors from all over the nation, including several from the state of Colorado, as reported by Matt Ferner of The Huffington Post.

The release of the letter coincided with President Obama’s campaign stop at Colorado State University yesterday, during which he aimed to discuss issues that affect college-age voters, such as college tuition.

However, the supporters present were hoping to rally some discussion about Amendment 64 instead – the amendment that’s seeking to legalize and regulate marijuana so that retailers like OrganicCBDNugs and Intrinsic Hemp can sell it in the form of medical cannabis.

Colorado isn’t alone in its push for legalization. Washington and Oregon have marijuana legalization initiatives on their November ballots as well.

So, why are so many college educators from across the nation in support of these initiatives and nationwide legalization? The professors range from law, health, economics, and criminal justice fields, and all seem to have strong feelings on the subject.

Thomas Ginsburg, a University of Chicago Law professor, explained in Ferner’s Huffington Post publication that the criminalization of marijuana has wasted law enforcement resources and caused lost revenue. Ginsburg also mentioned that people have been steered toward dangerous alcohol use as a result.

Colorado State University political science professor, Dr. Stephen Mumme, explained other reasons for supporting legalization. Mumme was included in Ferner’s article stating that marijuana has negatively impacted U.S.-Mexico relations. In addition, he pointed to the cartels that have developed as a result of the restrictions, and the weak economy in Mexico. He also mentioned the violence and security issues at the country’s borders, implying that the transport of the illegal drug is a culprit in these matters.

The 100-plus college professors stand by Colorado’s Amendment 64 for many reasons. One final reason, however, is that it’s reported that the passing will stimulate the state’s economy: new jobs, new schools, and nearly $60 million to contribute to the state’s budget. While it may seem unconventional, they are the experts at the top of their fields, so it will be interesting to see what will become of this amendment come November.

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