Paul Ryan's Educational Background: Where did Paul Ryan go to College?

Paul Ryan College


Paul Ryan, the youngest speaker of the House since 1869, featured as vice president on Mitt Romney’s presidential bid in 2012. A staunch republican since his college days, Ryan helped pass various bipartisan budget cuts and advocates a policy of American Responsibility. Born and raised in a Catholic family, his religion still plays a heavy part in his political decision-making. In terms of other influences, Paul Ryan credits Ayn Rand’s objectivism for getting him interested in politics; while her views got him interested in politics, he later rejected them in favor of the milder views of Thomas Aquinas. Keeping his reading choices in mind, his educational choices might be obvious. We will be exploring his education in this entry of EduInReview.

Paul Ryan spent his earliest school days at St. Mary’s Catholic School in Janesville.  For his freshman year, he moved on to Joseph A. Craig High School.  Quite active in school and community, he spent much of his free time playing track and soccer.  In addition, he was elected both prom king and class president. After his graduation, Ryan chose to pursue a degree in economics and political science at Miami University. College did not see an end to his dedication to extracurricular activities. In his four years of undergraduate, he joined the College Republicans, became a member of Delta Tau Delta, interned at the local government office, and volunteered on John Boehner’s campaign.  After Ryan’s graduation in 1992, he accepted a position for legislative aide to local Senator Bob Kasten. In 1999, he became the US Representative for Wisconsin’s first congressional district. His star just kept rising. Now, as stated earlier, he holds the title of 54th Speaker of the United States House of Representatives.

Paul Ryan College


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  1. William Arensmeyer MDiv. PhD says:

    Paul Ryan cares only for Paul Ryan, all other people are expendable. Paul’s morality is questionable, any moral man would not attempt to deprive 24 million people of health insurance, or take free lunches away from poor children, or reduce food stamps for poor families, or attack women and women’s health, and opposes program that will help the poor or valuable.
    Ryan has a belief in a free market that may have existed 150 years ago. I sure hope he doesn’t consider him self a Christian because he lacks compassion, empathy(except for the very rich). He should spend some time reading the 25th Chapter of Matthew, and read less of Ann Rand who died on welfare in a rent controlled Apt. Just about the opposite of what he would have every on else do. Paul wake up and enter the world of the present..

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