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Wordless Wednesday: Tuition Costs Rise for Lower Income Families

College Tuition

Wordless Wednesday: Harvard’s Endowment

Harvard University

Wordless Wednesday: Greek Alphabet

College fraternities and sororities use the Greek alphabet to create their names.

Wordless Wednesday: Students Protest Tuition Hikes

Can students fight back against tuition increases?

Wordless Wednesday: Obama’s Promote Community Service

President Obama says community service is key to affordable college tuition.

Wordless Wednesday: Worst Year Ever

senior year

What’s your take on senior year?

(Image from PostSecret.com)

Wordless Wednesday: Prepare for the Dorms

Prepare for the dorms this summer.

Wordless Wednesday: High School Graduates

High School Graduation

Wordless Wednesday: Juggling Family and School

working mom

Do Online Colleges make it easier?

Wordless Wednesday: College

College Life


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