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College Denies Student’s Right to Free Speech

Can a college suspend a student for exercising rights guaranteed in the US Constitution?

Can a college suspend a student for exercising rights guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution?

So, I know that high school students have been denied some of their basic rights guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. In recent court cases, it was decided that high school journalists who write for their school newspaper can be censored by a teacher or principal in order to make sure that their views are in agreement with the views of the school and are appropriate. This decision was based on the fact that these journalists are under the age of 18 and therefore do not have the absolute rights guaranteed to American citizens by the U.S. Constitution. But now, it’s a college student who is being prosecuted by his college for exercising his right to free speech.

John Gechter, a 22-year-old student from Philadelphia, was suspended from Grove City College because another student saw an adult film he acted in. Gechter is arguing the suspension; he claims it is unfair because it is not the school’s business what he does with his spare time. He even used a fake name in the film so as not to embarrass anyone who knows him.  (more…)

Earning College Credit in High School

Brett Promisloff tries to solve a problem in a college engineering design class. Such classes can lower college costs.

Brett Promisloff tries to solve a problem in a college engineering design class. Such classes can lower college costs.

Mayra Avila has a busy next two weeks. First, it’s her high school prom. Then next week, it’s her government and English composition college finals.

What? High school prom and college finals? How can one girl be both a college and high school student?

Avila, a student at West Potomac High, is one of many high school students who are dually enrolled in high school and college. These dually enrolled students save money on lower tuition costs while earning credit for high school and college classes. Instead of paying $286 for her English class, Avila pays only $43. (more…)

Textbooks Being Made Obsolete by Amazon Kindle

kindleAlmost one year ago, Amazon launched the Kindle with the sole purpose of cornering the digital books market. For those of you that don’t know, this gadget is a fully functional digital library. Since our previous story on the Kindle, Amazon has made some much-needed updates including a larger screen, sleeker profile, and greater storage capacity.  They have also integrated a 3G wireless network enabled browser within the system to allow for a 60 second download of your favorite title.

In an attempt to broaden the uses of this device to college students around the world, Amazon has made an agreement, dubbed “The Kindle Project,” with six universities. Amazon has agreed to provide the Fall 2009 freshman class of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Pace University, Princeton University, Reed College, Darden School at the University of Virginia and Arizona State University with Kindle devices preloaded with electronic versions of their chemistry, computer science and freshman seminar classes. (more…)

Students in India Invent an Air-Powered Motorcycle

It is no secret that India suffers from a terrible pollution problem. However, a group of engineering students may have found a solution to that problem - an economical and affordable mode of transport that is polution free and eco friendly. Their answer? A motorcycle powered solely by air.

Swine Flu Shuts Down Schools

swine-fluSome students are starting summer break early, but not for a good reason. Numerous schools across the nation are shutting down to prevent the spread of the swine flu (WHO has requested it be renamed H1N1). The swine flu is a strain of the flu virus that usually just affects pigs. However, new mutated strain has surfaced and is now infecting humans. The symptoms are similar to a normal flu, and include fever, cough, sore throat, body aches, chills, and fatigue.

The swine flu originated in Mexico, where more than 1,600 people are infected and more than 150 are suspected to have died from it. The first U.S. death occurred in Texas on Wednesday, April 29. On Friday, there were more than 220 reported cases of swine flu in the United States, infecting people in 30 states. The swine flu is also spreading to Europe, South America, and Asia, affected a total of 19 continents. It has been deemed a level 6 disease by WHO, which means it is widespread around the world. (more…)

Will.I.Am Introduces I Am Scholarship on Oprah

The first recipients of the I Am Scholarship. (via

The first recipients of the I Am Scholarship. (via

Oprah is constantly encouraging us all to simply do what we can to help one another. Read to a child, help a neighbor with a ride, or donate money to a worthwhile cause — it all goes a long way in helping each other and our communities. When Grammy winner and Black Eyed Peas frontman Will.I.Am looked inside and asked what we could do, he decided to start a scholarship fund.

The I Am Scholarship was introduced on the May 5, 2009 episode of Oprah. He’d approached Oprah’s girlfriend Gayle King and let her know he wanted to send one kid to college, with some extra cash he’d made DJing. He wanted to help a student who had a similar background to him — growing up in the home of a single mom. Oprah’s team worked with Gayle to send him the names of four students who would meet and exceed his expectations. (more…)

Pants Optional for University of Oregon’s Frisbee Team

frisbeeIn the world of sports, there are rules to be followed.  These rules determine the playing surface, outline scoring methods, and even describe suitable uniforms. These rules are followed to allow for participation in a sporting event. In the case of the University of Oregon’s Ultimate Frisbee team, they decided to follow their own set of rules — no pants, no problem.

During a match at Oregon State University in Corvallis, five members of the University of Oregon’s team decided playing without pants or underwear would be a good decision. The ultimate Frisbee team was on probation at the time for actions involving underage drinking and noise violations toward the end of 2008. (more…)

5 Recipes for your School’s Cinco de Mayo Fiesta!

chips-and-salsaIf you are taking a Spanish class, you know that Cinco de Mayo is coming up! For some, it’s a commemoration of the Battle of Puebla in 1862 when the Mexican army defeated French forces. For others, it’s a great excuse to stuff yourself on yummy Mexican food. At my high school, we always celebrated with a school-wide Cinco de Mayo party and everyone brought their favorite dishes to share. If you need some quick and yummy recipes to celebrate the holiday, here are my top cinco (5) favorites! I also work at a Mexican restaurant, so I’m kind of an expert on this whole queso and tortilla thing.

1. Mexican Wedding Cookies – These delicious almond-flavored cookies are rolled in powdered sugar. Recipe (more…)

The Pros and Cons of Attending Community College before University

Choosing whether to attend community college or a university right out of high school is an option worth considering.

Staying Healthy is Important for Students’ Success

girl-sneezingWith the current Swine Flu scare and noticing how many of my fellow students have been sick recently, I realize the importance of keeping myself healthy. Especially considering IB tests begin this coming Monday and softball season is at its peak.

Keeping yourself healthy is very important, especially close to the end of the school year. Whether it’s IB testing or just finals, making sure you are in good health is key. If you are sick, you will be more likely to not be able to concentrate and do worse on your tests and exams than you thought you would. (more…)


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