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Two Important College Enrollment Steps for High School Seniors

to-do-listI recently made the decision to attend the University of Tulsa this coming fall for my undergraduate education. While I have finally made my decision and almost worked out all of my finances, there are other things to do now that I am officially attending TU. I recently received a checklist from them concerning things I still need to do to ensure my spot in the freshman class for the upcoming fall semester.

One of these requirements is my final transcript. At the end of the year, when grades are finalized, many if not all colleges and universities require their new students to send in their final transcript. This is mainly to make sure the student didn’t slip their final semester of high school and may also determine scholarship eligibility. Since some scholarships are merit based, schools require that you maintain your grades even through your final semester. (more…)

Public Schools Losing the Right to Fail Students

Scoring a "F" on a paper might be a thing of the past, thanks to new public education practices.

Scoring an "F" on a paper might be a thing of the past, thanks to new public education practices.

Nobody likes spending an entire semester struggling to understand a difficult course, only to get an “F” and have to retake the class. Well, that is now illegal in some states, including California, Massachusetts, and Texas.

Many middle and high schools around the nation have done away with failing grades. Some schools now give students an “H” grade, which means grades are being held until the student does some sort of make-up work to improve his/her grade. A policy known as “ZAP” (Zeros Aren’t Permitted) is also being used to give students extra time to finish a late assignment.

Is this practice going to improve the education that students receive? Nobody knows yet. Students like this policy because it gives them a chance to continue trying to understand a subject until they grasp it, without the chance of failing a grade and falling behind in their education. However, several case studies have shown that only 16% of students who received an “H” grade passed the class during their second semester. (more…)

Universities Receive Millions from Anonymous Donor

Everyone knows that Cinderella had a fairy-godmother. Now some universities are also being blessed. The biggest difference? Cinderella knew her fairy-godmother and these universities have no idea who is giving them donations of up to $10 million.check

In the past few months, 12 universities have received a phone call from a banker saying that an anonymous person has donated money to the university. Shortly after the phone calls, two checks will arrive to the universities, the larger check earmarked for scholarships for women and minority students and the smaller earmarked for the recipient’s discretion.

Some of the universities that have received gifts are Binghamton University in New York, Montclair State Univeristy in New Jersey, the University of Southern Mississippi, Purdue University in Indiana, and Michigan State University. (more…)

Does the High Cost of Education Mean the end of Brick and Mortar Schools?

man-with-laptopWith more people choosing online education, the value of traditional four-year residential college is coming into question. Yes, a true college experience can teach precious life lessons that no website could ever compete with; however, with the accessibility of information online, does it make sense to spend thousands of dollars when online college can provide all the tools to succeed in the business world? In the wise words of Will Hunting, “You wasted $150,000 on an education you coulda got for $1.50 in late fees at the public library.”

Four long and expensive years. (more…)

The Economy and Your Education

Yamilette Colon (via MSNBC)

Yamilette Colon (via MSNBC)

The economic recession might be hitting your pocketbook pretty hard now-a-days. You might not have that extra $1.29 to SuperSize your combo meal, or maybe you only see movies in the dollar theatre. Anything to increase your cash flow, right?

For many students, education is the answer to an economically successful future.

Elkhart, Indiana knows about dropouts. For the past decade, only 66% of high school students graduated. The majority of these students dropped out in order to get a job and make money. However, in the current recession, when more than five million jobs have been lost, these students are staying in school. They know that by pursuing an education, they will come out better in the long run. (more…)

The Century Council Teams up with College Students to Prevent Binge Drinking

beer-bottleThe University of Oklahoma, as well as 141 other universities, has taken steps to reverse binge-drinking occurrences by their students. Every year, the American Advertising Federation holds a National Student Advertising Competition for college advertising students. Companies such as AOL, Bank of America, Yahoo and Coca-Cola sponsor this competition.  The company responsible for this year’s competition is “a leader in the fight against drunk driving and underage drinking,” according to the Century Council.

The purpose of this competition is for college students to research, plan and execute an advertising campaign for the sponsoring company. This year, the students are working to develop an advertising message which will effectively reduce the rate of binge drinking for both men and women between the ages of 18 and 24. Each of the 142 competing teams has compiled a strategy, which will both communicate the desired message, as well as affect behavior revolving around this hazardous situation. (more…)

How to Study for International Baccalaureate Tests

A lot of International Baccalaureate (IB) students wonder what the easiest way to study for IB tests is. I’ve heard a lot of juniors, who begin their testing this year, asking a few seniors how they studied for their first round of IB tests. Thinking about and hearing the students asking about studying for the tests really made me question the easiest way to study for the upcoming IB tests.

The more I think about it, the more I realize there is really only one way to study for the IB exams. There is no study guide or deck of flashcards you can use, but rather all your notes and materials teachers have given you over the past one or two years. Reviewing all major topics discussed in your classes and also little details your teacher more than likely pointed out as an important part of the topic is going to be the easiest way to prepare properly for the IB exams. (more…)

Ace College Cooking 101 with Freshman in the Kitchen

freshman-in-the-kitchenCreated by two brothers who just graduated from Michigan State University, Max and Eli Sussman know a thing or two when it comes to cooking. Having spent a few solid years working for high-scale (and low-scale) restaurants and country clubs, the brothers created an entertaining and fun guide for anyone who has shied away from laboring in that little but ever so important room in their house known as The Kitchen.

The cookbook was specifically designed with college students in mind. From their meager budgets to their lack of kitchen appliances and their socially-conscious minds, Freshman in the Kitchen offers simple recipes that require no heating or oven-baking at all, and then it moves on to more elaborate recipes when you are feeling more confident with your culinary skills. (more…)

College Students Get Fit with the Dorm Room Diet

dorm-room-dietWant to make it through college with a stellar GPA and a stellar bod? The Dorm Room Diet is your saving grace to avoiding all of the waistline saboteurs that are par for the course on college campuses. Heavy dorm food, late-night pizza runs, beer by the pitcher — after a few weeks, this diet adds up on your body and your health, but luckily Daphne Oz, mastermind behind the Dorm Diet shows you to stay slim and fit in college in 8 simple steps. Oz, who comes from a family of medical gurus (dad is Dr. Mehmet Oz), went against the grain during her first year of college by dropping 10 pounds rather than gaining the inevitable Freshman 15. She therefore has some important first-hand experience about staying healthy in college that you might want to listen to. (more…)

Wichita Senior is Bound for University of Tulsa

While my final college decision didn’t have to be mailed and received by a college till May 1, I figured the smartest thing to do would be to make my decision fast. I put in the mail my intent to enroll form with my housing form and deposits for the University of Tulsa this last weekend and I can’t remember the last time I felt this good about a decision and so

The reason that I decided to make my decision earlier was to get my finances in order. After figuring out everything I had received financially from Tulsa and other various scholarships, such as a $3,000 scholarship through scouts, I then started finding student loans. Of course, this was not too difficult considering I went to Google and typed in “student loans” and got a huge number of sites offering student loans. After looking at a few options, I finally found a loan and finished my application last night for the loan. (more…)


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