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Dallas High School Uses Cage Fighting to Settle Brawls

If detention, suspension or even corporal punishment won’t work, lock the students in a cage and let them fight it out. Seriously? A report about Dallas-area South Oak Cliff High School alleges that’s what the principal allowed to take place between teen boys who had disagreements to settle.

No Porn for Students at University of Maryland

pirates-ii-stagnettis-revengeAllow students to watch a XXX porn movie in the student union or risk budget cuts by the state. That was the dilemna facing University of Maryland this week after they’d elected to screen “Pirates II: Stagnetti’s Revenge” in its student union. Students across the country have been attending screenings of the big-budget porn flick on campuses, but when Maryland State Senator Andy Harris heard about the busty event, he made moves to have it stopped, by threatening to suspend state funding (about $424 million).

“I am pleased to know that the university did the right thing and canceled this movie,” said Harris. “Students can’t light up a cigarette in the student union but can watch a hardcore XXX porn film. Occasional viewing of porn is more dangerous than occasionally lighting up a cigarette.”

No surprise that the film and the recent move at U of M are stirring debate, talks of the First Amendment, and whether or not colleges should be an advertising medium for such films. Following the movie at the university, a representative from Planned Parenthood was scheduled to discuss safe sex. In December, the movie was shown at UCLA, after which students held a Q&A with the filmmakers and grilled them about porn’s role in the exploitation of women. (more…)

The Impact of the College Wait List

thumbs up thumbs downOne of my last posts, I discussed dealing with rejection from colleges. Now, things are brightening up some as I look forward to deciding between the two colleges I have finally narrowed my list down to. I was wait-listed at one school and plan to put my name on their active wait list because it is a school I would love to attend. This, of course, is probably the biggest decision I will be making my senior year.

One of the things I decided was putting my name on that wait list. Putting your name on the wait list at a school is not something you should take lightly. If you really desire to attend the school, then by all means put your name on the wait list. But, if you get the letter in the mail and have no desire to put more effort into the process, then turn in the wait list response with the box checked ‘no, I do not wish to be put on your wait list’ because this will then open up a slot for another student you may have been behind you on the list who really wants to attend. (more…)

Paying Tuition in Full is Your Ticket to College Acceptance

checkAs more colleges and universities face reducing endowments and students who need more financial aid than ever before, favor is beginning to fall to applicants who can pay their own way, in full. These institutions are suppose to remain “need-blind,” not taking in to account a student’s financial position, however, they are skirting around this by accepting more transfer or foreign students who are ready to sign a check.

“If you are a student of means or ability, or both, there has never been a better year,” Robert A. Sevier, an enrollment consultant to colleges, told the New York Times. (more…)

The Prom Must Go on Despite the Recession

In case you hadn’t heard, we’re in a recession, the economy stinks, more and more companies are on the brink of bankruptcy, and layoffs are the word of the day. You might be surprised to know that teens are very aware of what is going on, much moreso than people might realize. It influences their college choices, their ability to get part-time jobs, and even one of the most coveted events in high school – the prom dress

For some, the prom can be as costly as a small wedding or an extravagent sweet 16 party, with dresses, beauty appointments, limos, dinners, tickets and after-parties. A Seventeen magazine survey found that the average prom cost is $800. This year, teens are saavy, and rather than deplete their piggy banks or forego the end-of-year bash, they are coming up with some cost-effective solutions to save the prom and create some dazzling memories.

The student council at Central High School in San Angelo, Texas created The Princess Projecte. They’re asking the community to donate dresses and gowns that are taking up space in closets, so that everyone has a chance to look gorgeous on prom night. “This is a project that will make some girls’ (prom) night truly special,” founding student Kayla Brown said. “Lots of people have these dresses sitting in their closets, when they could go to a much better cause.” (more…)

University Offering Master’s Degree in Social Media

Do you tweet enough to considered a professional? Know the ins-and-outs of Facebook like a CPA does tax law? If you’re entrenched in social media and want something more than a recent status message to show for it, then Birmingham City University (in Birmingham, England) may have just the degree for you. The one-year course will earn you a Master’s degree in Social Media, making you either the coolest or geekiest college grad your friends media

Jon Hickman, the course convener, had to convince the school’s committees to approve the course and prove its relevancy. He admits its “importance is questionable,” but that the learnings will be meaningful for those in marketing, PR and other communications fields.

“It’s not for freaks or IT geeks, the tools learnt on this course will be accessible to many people. During the course we will consider what people can do on Facebook and Twitter, and how they can be used for communication and marketing purposes,” says Hickman. “There has been significant interest in the course already, and it will definitely appeal to students looking to go into professions including journalism and PR.” (more…)

Texas Re-Ignites Creationism vs. Evolution Battle with New Science Curriculum

creationism vs evolutionState education leaders forged a compromise Friday on the teaching of evolution in Texas, adopting a new science curriculum that no longer requires educators to teach the weaknesses of all scientific theories.

The State Board of Education voted 13-2 to put in place a plan that would instead require teachers to encourage students to scrutinize “all sides” of scientific theories, a move criticized by evolution proponents.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills, which will be in place for the next decade, governs what teachers are required to cover in the classroom, the topics students are tested on and the material published in textbooks. (more…)

5 Tips to Prepare for Senior Prom

prom dateIn less than a month, East High will be holding its prom! Prom, like many high schools I know of, is attended by both seniors and juniors. After last year’s prom, I’m even more excited this year simply because it’s my senior prom. Junior prom was a blast for me, but there seems to be something special about senior prom.

Just making sure you have all the little things figured out will make your actual prom day so much easier.

1. Dresses. By now, it would be a good idea to have a dress or start looking soon! Many specialty dress shops will write down a dress when it is purchased so that another student from the same school will not have yours. (more…)

Dealing With College Application Rejection

thumbs downThrough April 1 is the most anticipated times of the college application process. While it may be the most anticipated part of the college application process, it can also be the hardest. Dealing with rejection can be a very difficult thing to go through, especially if you get rejected from one of your top choices.

For me, it was inevitable to be rejected from a fair share of my schools because of the fact that I applied to so many. I wasn’t expecting to get into every single one of my colleges, and I think having that expectation is ignorant when you apply to a higher number of colleges. It is hard to balance time evenly between all your schools and make sure everything is perfect for each school. And some schools, after they have reviewed all your application materials, just feel you wouldn’t be the strongest fit, or their school just isn’t the place for you. (more…)

Miami-Dade Public Schools Welcome Corportate Advertisers

At this point we should all know that know that no one is safe from advertisers – not even school children. As more and more schools face crippling budget cuts, Miami-Dade has found a way to increase funding and maybe even save the dade public schools

They’re going as paperless as possible, opting for technology to replace paper and reduce administrative costs.

Additionally, they’ve announced the school board approved a motion to allow advertisers on campus. Proposals are already pouring in – including billboards and LCD screens displaying ads inside and outside of campus and sponsored cell phone recharging stations. Soon enough, their hallways will be lined with ads for MP3 players, tennis shoes and video games. Hopefully, administrators will have the wherewithal to reject ads for unhealthy teen-targeted products like fast-food and soda. (more…)


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