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Academic Earth Providing Free College Courses and Lectures Online

academic earthJust before YouTube EDU was unveiled, Academic Earth came online, and very quickly the “free college video” niche created some formidable competition. While YouTube EDU is an aggregation of all the existing education-related content on the video leader’s site, Academic Earth is the brain child of Richard Ludlow.

He was a Yale student, studying linear algebra, and sought additional information online to help him through the course. What he found was a full-length course via video with Gilbert Strang, an MIT math professor. He figured he wasn’t the only one seeking this kind of information, and after doing research learned that educational resources online were scattered across many different resources. Thus, he brought them together at Academic Earth. (more…)

Free Virtual College Education at YouTube EDU

youtube eduToday marked the first day of class for Youtube EDU. They’ve aggregated all of their video content related to more than 100 universities into a new space at You’ll find the expected throwbacks to college life, but more importantly they’ve created a space virtually offering free education to anyone with Internet access. It’s bound to become a go-to source for those planning to attend college, or those already in class, looking for some additional support, as you’ll find college news, campus tours, lecture series and other resources. (more…)

March Madness Sweet 16 Tips Off Tonight

March Madness is really heating up, and 16 teams have made it to the point when the cream starts to rise. The screeches from the hardwood will be pulling at the hearts of college basketball fans across the country tonight as these teams start facing off to move on to the Elite Eight. ncaa basketball

Grab your snacks, throw on a team jersey and tune in to watch four teams rise and four teams fall. The 2009 Sweet 16 Schedule is as follows:

Thursday, March 26

West Region:

Top 20 Up-and-Coming Universities

When you think of popular colleges and universities, there are several that quickly come to mind. In the 2009 edition of U.S. News and World Report‘s “best colleges,” they’ve introduced a list of national universities who are working to make vast improvements on their campuses, making them stronger competition to fill the top spaces in the annual best colleges review. Seventy universities were nominated, but only 20 made this list.

1. George Mason University; Fairfax, VA

2. Clemson University; Clemson, SC

3. University of Southern California; Los Angeles, CA

4. Arizona State University; Tempe, AZ

5. University of Maryland – Baltimore County; Baltimore, MD (more…)

Valet Parking Introduced at Florida International University

florida international universityParking on campus has long been one of most popular gripes of college students. But Florida International University has found a solution for its parking problems – valet! The West Miami-Dade campus has 38,000 students and 14,000 parking spaces, and it doesn’t take a math major to know that some students are going to be left scrambling for a space to make it to class in time.

The valet service is an experiment, with the pilot program running for three months. The service costs $5 for the first two hours and up to $12 per day; campus parking meters cost $1 per hour and up to $8 per day. (more…)

Kendall College School of Culinary Arts Named Cooking School of the Year

Chicago-based Kendall College‘s The School of Culinary Arts is being honored this week as it was named Cooking School of the Year for 2008 by the Academy of the Culinary Arts. This is the second time the school has been recognized with the Cordon d’ Or, or gold ribbon.

Culinary students at Kendall College (via

Culinary students at Kendall College (via

“We are honored and thrilled to be named the top cooking school in the world by this august awards program,” says college President Nivine Megahed, Ph.D. “Preparing and motivating students to become industry leaders has been the cornerstone of Kendall College’s School of Culinary Arts’ unwavering mission since its founding by a core team of culinary visionaries 24 years ago.” (more…)

President Obama Announces College Tour

The White House announced today which college graduates President Obama will try to inspire at their commencements. barack obama

Obama plans to speak at Arizona State University on May 13, the University of Notre Dame on May 17, and the United States Naval Academy on May 22.

Last May at Wesleyan University in Connecticut, Obama urged students to consider public service, recalling his own decision to work for a small group of churches as a neighborhood organizer in Chicago for “$12,000 a year plus $2,000 for an old, beat-up car,” and how the experience gave him purpose and direction. (more…)

Michelle Obama Kicks-off Women’s History Month in D.C. Schools

First Lady Michelle Obama has long hoped to gather an “amazing group of women” to help inspire young people to do well in school to prosper as adults. She had her chance this week as she visited Anacostia High School in the capital, a struggling school in a poor D.C. neighborhood, and 21 other famous women visited schools around the country.

Michelle Obama at Anacostia High School (via New York Times)

Mrs. Obama recruited the likes of Sheryl Crow, Alicia Keys, Alfre Woodard, Bobbi Brown, as well as former astronaut Mae Jemison and the Army’s first female four-star general, Gen. Ann Dunwoody, to participate in this Women’s History Month initiative at both public and private schools. (more…)

Student Asks for Tuition Donations Online Toward Notre Dame

Rachel Harris (via

Rachel Harris (via

Rachel Harris wants to become a pediatric endocrinologist, and she wants to earn her degree at Notre Dame. But like most college students, she’s struggling with affording the $46,000 annual cost for tuition, room, board, books and transportation. The 17-year-old high school senior has a 3.97 GPA and lives in Muskegon Township, Mich., and while she has already been accepted to the University of Michigan, she has her sights set of one becoming part of the Fightin’ Irish.

Rachel’s making headlines because of her site, where she’s asking the public to make donations. As of March 20, she’s already received $1,000. If she doesn’t get accepted to Notre Dame (she’ll know in April), she’ll return all the cash. (more…)

Arne Duncan Proposes “New Era” in Science Education

(Science class via Curious Mind Store)

Education Secretary Arne Duncan said Friday he wants to launch a “new era” of science education in the United States, one that encourages students to ask tough, challenging questions and brings more specially trained science and math teachers into the classroom.

Duncan told the National Science Teachers Association during a visit to New Orleans that President Barack Obama sees a need for inventors and engineers along with poets and scholars and “will not allow scientific research to be held hostage to a political agenda.”

“Whether it’s global warming, evolution or stem cell research, science will be honored. It will be respected and supported by this administration,” he said. (more…)


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