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Columbia’s First Black and First Female Dean Announced

Columbia University has named Michelle M. Moody-Adams, formerly Cornell University’s vice provost for undergraduate education, as dean of Columbia College, the first black person and the first woman to serve in the post.

Dr. Moody-Adams, 52, a philosopher, has also run Cornell’s program on ethics and public life. Her 1997 book, “Fieldwork in Familiar Places: Morality, Culture and Philosophy,” was roundly praised in the field. She will become dean of the college on July 1.

Columbia College is one of the university’s three undergraduate colleges, with 4,000 students, and one of the most competitive schools in the country, admitting 9 percent of applicants for this year’s freshman class.

Read this story at New York Times.

The College Application Process is Finally Complete

After a VERY long process, I can finally say that I am completely done with the college application process. It has obviously been a month or two since I completed all the applications, but today I finally got all my financial aid information sent in the mail. A huge weight seems to be lifted off my shoulders because now I realize I am done. Unless I hear back from one of my schools, saying they need something else, everything is complete and turned in.

Now I can actually sit back, relax, and wait to hear from all my schools. I will finally know about all my schools by April 1. Then by May 1, I will have to have told whichever school I plan on attending and pay my down payment to ensure my spot in their freshman class. This is the day I have been waiting for for a long time and I think many of my friends are also looking forward to these dates because I think it will be interesting to see where everyone ends up next year.

And while this may be an exciting opportunity, this will also be a sad time to face because we will be split apart after being with some friends for only a few years, and others since elementary school. So with the college decision comes many other things that all of us will face and although these decisions may be scary, the idea of them also excites me. I am ready to face something new and completely different.

High School Homecoming a Rite of Passage

This past Saturday was my final high school homecoming. So weird to think about how after Saturday night’s events were over, that was the last time I would experience things related to the high school homecoming. Although I realize college’s have their own homecoming, something about this is being part of the whole high school experience. It’s like a ritual every student goes through. Freshman year it’s exciting and new and you have no idea what’s going to happen, and by the time senior year rolls around, homecoming is an excuse to get pampered and have a good time with friends. (more…)

Wordless Wednesday: Greek Alphabet

College fraternities and sororities use the Greek alphabet to create their names.

Is the Degree You’re Working Toward Worth the Paper it’s Printed on?

Is Your Degree From a Properly Accredited School? Find out about Regional Accreditation, National Accreditation, Specialized Accreditation, Programmatic Accreditation and Professional Accreditation before it's too late.

Miami University’s Delta Delta Delta Chapter Suspended

It was announced that the Delta Beta chapter of the Delta Delta Delta women’s fraternity will be closing its doors at Miami University in Ohio, with no opportunity to return until 2011. According to a story published on the fraternity’s national site, reports of hazing were made in early February and the organization worked closely with university officials to conduct a thorough investigation. They soon concluded that the hazing incident was against both Miami Student Code of Conduct and Tri Delta policy.tri delta logo

“We are deeply disappointed in the choices made by several members of our chapter at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio last month,” said Jackye Clark, President of Delta Delta Delta Fraternity. “This decision is made with a heavy heart, as our chapter at Miami University has enjoyed an uninterrupted 98-year span and positive track record with its host institution until now.”

Those members violating Tri Delta conduct policy face permanent removal from the organization, and those in good-standing may opt to become an unaffiliated collegiate member.

5 Overlooked Items for a Dorm Room

dorm roomOn my last college visit to University of Tulsa, I realized after talking to my overnight host and a few of her friends, that there are many small things students take advantage of having at home and then completely forget to take with them to their dorms. While some items may seem insignificant, some can probably help keep you better organized, not only in your dorm, but with your daily schedule.

1. Calendar –  Any type of calendar or agenda you can keep handy on which to write important dates. One good idea is a dry-erase calendar for your dorm, so if any dates change, they can easily be wiped off and corrected without having to scribble something out. A dry-erase calendar is also nice because it never “expires”. (more…)

Consider a Nursing Career in Recessionary Times

nursesWith near daily news of layoffs and an economy in the tank, it can be tough to choose a career path that will have a job waiting for you when you graduate. To that, consider nursing.

Nursing can be a challenging job with long hours and stressful situations, and it’s not for the faint of heart (or those who faint at the sight of blood). In fact 20% of nurses quit within their first year. But these facts could make the field perfect for you for several reasons.

First, there is a national shortage of nurses and an ever-growing demand. (more…)

We Need To Get Past The Color

barack obamaI find it sad that almost anywhere I go I still hear people talking about how Obama won’t be a good president simply because he is black, or also because his middle name has Middle Eastern origins. These are not things that a President should be judged upon.

So far, Obama has been off to a great start and I’m sure he hears the same comments I hear. I hope that he just looks past the comments and strives to prove those people wrong in a positive way, by doing the best he can with the country considering the current state of affairs. Obama wasn’t exactly left with a country going through its glory days. Rather, he ended up with a country in a war that doesn’t even seem like a war anymore and its economy in shambles and slowly becoming worse with each passing day. Immediately Obama began to make changes. (more…)

Walden University Expands Degree Offerings

cap and gownStudents of online school Walden University now have three more options when it comes to choosing a degree program. The first is a new Bachelor’s degree in nursing, being offered for nurses who already have a hospital diploma or an Associate’s degree in nursing.

The second is a Bachelor’s degree in instructional design and technology. It is designed for students seeking a career as a curriculum designer, a course editor, an instructional coordinator, or even for someone interested in desktop publishing. With this degree you will be able to evaluate your organization’s training needs and then design a solution for them. Areas of concentration are three-fold: general, business and organizational change and human factors, and interface design. (more…)


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