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College Students Across the U.S. Protest Budget Cuts

As colleges and universities across the country plan budget cuts and tuition hikes to offset the economic downturn, students in states such as Arizona, California, and Nevada are fighting back with protests.

Here’s footage of one such protest at the University of Arizona:


Jill Biden, America’s “First Professor”

jill biden

Jill Biden is more than just the wife of new Vice President Joe Biden. She’s Dr. Jill Biden.  Dr. Biden is an English professor, and despite the fact that she’s married to such a high profile figure, she’s not going to stop teaching.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Biden has been an English and writing instructor at Delaware Technical and Community College. While her husband was campaigning for VP, she continued to teach — and graded papers while she was on the road with him.

Upon moving to Washington, she was courted by a number of local schools for a teaching position.  She’s made her choice — Northern Virginia Community College in Alexandria, VA, where Biden will be an adjunct instructor. This semester, Biden will be teaching two courses: an upper level ESL course and a developmental English course.  Because of the anticipated demand for her classes, they are not open to all students; prospective students have to score well on a test to be admitted.

So what kind of a teacher is Jill Biden? Check out her reviews at

How To Get A Student Loan

According to a report from the National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, college tuition and fees increased over 1,000 percent from 1982 to 2018, while median family income rose just 218 percent. You don’t have to be a math professor to see how that sort of trend puts amazing pressure on students and their families to find ways to pay for a college education. We want you to know how to get a student loan.

If you haven’t saved enough money to pay for your education, all is not lost. Financial aid has more than doubled in the last decade. And while the recent credit crunch has made it even more difficult on those in need of financial assistance, you still have options. We’ll show you how to tap into public and private sources of aid.

Loans for higher education come in three major categories: student loans, private student loans, and parent loans. Let’s take a look at each option. (more…)

Wordless Wednesday: Worst Year Ever

senior year

What’s your take on senior year?

(Image from

College Grads Choosing Careers in Reality TV

old tvSo, the economy is less than stellar right now. It’s bad news for everyone, including college graduates. Students are having a hard time finding a job, especially in their chosen field like business finance major Darrell Riggins. He told CNN “he sees more opportunities within the world of reality television than in the actual job market.”

Which is why more and more college grads are running to casting call sites to get 15 minutes of fame and hopefully a paying career. Momlogic has a bit more on this story.

How To Find College Scholarships

How To Find College Scholarships

scholarshipGetting a college scholarship can be tough business. It’s super competitive, with tons of people just as qualified as you are. If you want to look for an edge, try searching where the herd of future college scholars aren’t. Where there’s less competition, there’s a higher chance for success. Here are a few tips that should increase your chances.

Look for Local Scholarships

While everyone else is going after the big-named prizes at their school of choice, all you have to do is look in your backyard. The key benefit to looking for local scholarships is that it’s inherently less competitive, since they are geared towards local residents. Think about going to your local banks, businesses, clubs, religious and other organizations. (more…)

Obama’s Plan for Higher Education in the Stimulus Package

president barack obamaSo what exactly does President Obama have in mind in terms of using stimulus package funds for higher education?  Information about Obama’s higher education plan — and everything else in Obama’s proposed American Reinvestment and Recovery Plan — is available on the newly revamped White House website.

In a nutshell, here’s what Obama wants to do for higher education.

  1. Increase the minimum Pell Grant by $500.
  2. Create a $2500 partially refundable higher education tax cut for close to 4 million students, which will affect about one-fifth of high school seniors who currently receive no tax break under the current system.
  3. Triple the number of fellowships for graduate and undergraduate students in science.
  4. Prevent layoffs and educational cuts throughout the country.

Will this happen? If so, will this work?  Stay tuned!

How to Prepare for College During High School

How to Prepare for College During High School

Moving on to college after high school is one of the biggest changes in a student’s life. So it’s never too early to prepare for it, even if you’re just a freshman in high school. graduate

The early bird gets the worm, and the school of your choice. Don’t wait until your senior year to get the ball rolling. Research prospective schools, their entrance tests, and financial aid options sooner than later.

Plan to visit college campuses to get a feel for your options. Start with colleges near you. And even if you’re interested in schools that aren’t in your backyard, you can check a campus through cyberspace. Visit the websites of schools that you’re interested in. You can also attend college fairs to meet admission representatives and obtain course catalogs. It’s a great way to speak face-to-face with the people who know best. But if at all possible, visit campuses in person to get a firsthand experience of the schools’ culture. (more…)

Benefits of Early Action in College Applications

college studentNot to be confused with early decision, Early Action is an application option for many colleges that is non-binding. The only difference between this and regular decision is that you know the college’s decision earlier and you more than likely will not know financially how things may work out.

Depending on the school, most Early Action deadlines are December 1. Some schools, such as The University of Chicago, have an Early Action deadline of November 1. Although it may seem extremely rushed, these deadlines are in fact are easily met.  This is a benefit of building your college list early. If you know your colleges early in your senior year and realize you have these opportunities to apply early, then take advantage of these earlier deadlines! Not only will you know much sooner whether or not you are accepted, you will also have that school out of the way. (more…)

2009 FAFSA Means it’s Financial Aid Season

For many students, or their parents, this is the time to start filing taxes and getting refunds from the government. For many seniors in high school and other college students, tax season also means financial aid season.

On January 1, FAFSA released their form for this year to be completed in order to be considered for governmental aid for college. Much like the CSS Profile, the FAFSA uses information based off of your parents’ and even your taxes. Although unlike the Profile, FAFSA uses last year’s tax information while the Profile used 2007, but this is probably because it was due so much earlier for many schools. Also, on the FAFSA, your family’s EFC is calculated. The EFC is the Expected Family Contribution and, as it says in the name, this amount of money is what your family is expected to pay towards your education. This is based on income, number of people in your household, whether or not your parents’ marital status, and many different aspects that could affect you and your family being able to afford college. Even if you believe your EFC will be high, or you think your parents make too much to award any aid, I highly advise filling out the FAFSA because you never know what could turn up!

As the time creeps closer to taxes being due, keep in mind financial aid is due for your colleges! Your application process isn’t complete until all necessary information is turned into your colleges, including financial information.


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