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Ryan Zinke’s Educational Background

                  Ryan Zinke

Why They’ve Earned Our Notice:

On March 1st, Mark Zinke joined Donald Trump’s cabinet as the Secretary of the Interior. In doing so, he becomes the 52nd person to hold that position and the first Montanan to occupy a cabinet position. Before joining the current administration, this Navy SEAL served two years in the Montana Senate and two more in the legislature. While in the house, Zinke used his power to support troops in the Middle East and battle against both the affordable care act and more stringent environmental regulations. In his new job, he’s responsible for the management and conservation of our nation’s national resources. Considering his pessimistic views on both climate change and environmental protectionism, his nomination is rather ironic.

Zinke made a name for himself in the military. In 22 years, he rose from the rank of a Navy SEAL to that of a Navy Commander. In 2004, he was elected as the acting commander of the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force in the Arabian Peninsula. Less than four years later, he would establish the Naval Special Warfare Advanced Training Command and work as its “Dean” until his 2008 retirement. For his more than two decades of service, he was awarded two Bronze Stars, four Meritorious Service Medals, two Joint Service Commendation Medals, and two Defense Meritorious Service Medals.

While serving as commander, Mark founded a property management company by the name of Continental Divide.  He would late pass this company on to his family and retain an advisory role.

Personal Life and Education:

While he was born in Bozeman, Ryan spent most of his young life growing up in Whitefish. The son Ray Dale Zinke and Jean Montana, Ryan grew up in an All-American, “blue collar” family. By the time, he reached high school, however, his football skills earned him the notice of numerable college recruiters. He would go on to play linebacker, and later offense, for the University of Oregon.

In 1984, Zinke graduated from the University of Oregon with a Bachelor of Science in Geology. After taking a few years off, he would go on to earn a Master of Business Administration from National University in 1993. Ten years later, he enrolled at the University of San Diego to complete a Master of Science in Global Leadership.

Zinke is currently married to his wife Lolita and father to three adult children. He splits his time evenly between Washington D.C., his hometown, and Santa Barbara.

School Profiles:

  • University of Oregon: Commonly referred to as UO or Oregon, this public research university is nestled in the heart of Eugene, Oregon. Founded in 1876, this university has been classified by Carnegie as a hotbed of “research activity” and is home to the oldest honors college in the United States.
  • National University: Founded in 1971, this nonprofit institution is currently headquartered in La Jolla. NU offers a wide variety of courses for adult learners across its numerous campuses. Classes are typically no more than a month long. This school offers heavily reduced tuition to active members of the military.
  • University of San Diego: This private Roman Catholic University allows gives its students a choice between more than 42 majors.  USD’s undergraduate programs have been recognized by many publications, including Bloomberg Businessweek, for their academic rigor.  By and far, however, USD’s MBA is its claim to fame.


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Sonny Perdue’s Educational Background

                         Sonny Perdue

Why He’s Earned Our Notice:

The first Republican Governor of Georgia since the end of the Civil War, Sonny Perdue is Trump’s current nominee for the 81st Secretary of Agriculture. A lifelong politician by trade, this native-born Georgian has served both in the state senate and as a captain the US Airforce.

Currently, Perdue works as a member of the Bipartisan Policy Center and operates his own exportation company. If his bid for the cabinet is successful, Sonny will become responsible for both agricultural subsidies and food safety.

Personal Life and Education:

George Ervin “Sonny” Perdue III came into the world on December 20th of 1946.  He’s also kind of a homebody. More than seventy years after his birth, he still lives in his hometown of Bonaire, George.  As his first cousin, US Senator David Perdue can tell you, his cousin really dislikes his given name. Even as governor, he signed all official documents as “Sonny”.

Being the quarterback at Warner Robins High School, one could say that Sonny was something of a local celebrity. Even if he wasn’t, his skills on the gridiron earned him the notice of recruiters at the University of Georgia (UGA). While there, Perdue joined as a member of Kappa Sigma. Graduating about four years later, he’d go on to enroll in the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine. Before discovering his entrepreneurial spirit, and starting three small business, Perdue worked as a veterinarian.

Now, Perdue is a father of four and grandfather to fourteen. Even at the ripe old age of seventy, he can be found flying his helicopter and participating in a wide array of sports. Experts estimate his current net worth at around six million dollars.

School Profiles:

  • University of Georgia: UGA is a national research university located on a nearly 800-acre campus just outside of Athens, Georgia. The 2017 U.S. News and World Report, ranked the University of George as the 18th best public university in the nation and many consider it to be on par with some of the Ivy Leagues. In 2015, UAG boasted a student populating of roughly 40,000. With more than 140 majors to choose from, the school has something for everyone.

David Shulkin’s Educational Background

Why He’s Earned Our Notice:

The current US Secretary of Veterans Affairs, the senate unanimously confirmed Shulkin on February 14th of 2017. Before becoming a member of the cabinet, this former CEO worked as the Under Secretary for the Department of Veterans Affairs for Health. He’s also a fellow with the American College of Physicians and the Leonard Davis Institute in Health Economics. While practicing medicine, Shulkin received numerous awards from both Modern Healthcare and the Healthcare Forum.

In his new position, Shulkin retains sole responsibility for ensuring veterans get the services they need. This includes access to health care services, benefits programs, job postings, and national cemeteries.

Personal Life and Education:

David Jonathon Shulkin was born at Fort Sheridan on June 22nd of 1959.  Considering his current position, a childhood spent on a US Army base will likely prove invaluable. His father, an Army Psychiatrist, continued to work at Sheridan throughout his son’s childhood. Perhaps inspired by the older man’s work, David Shulkin set his sights on medical school.

After graduating from high school, Shulkin enrolled at the Massachusetts-based Hampshire College to complete his Bachelors of Arts degree.  In 1982, he graduated from his original alma mater. Without so much as a gap year, Shulkin immediately enrolled at Drexel University to complete his MD. In 1986, David completed his degree and began his internship at Yale University. His residency followed.

Currently, Shulkin’s married to dermatologist, Merle Ban.

School Profiles:

  • Hampshire College: A private liberal arts college located in Massachusetts, Hampshire originally opened as part of an experiment in higher education. Even now, this school is best known for its highly liberal beliefs and out-of-the-box curriculum. They put little stock in grades and prefer portfolios to essays. Out of all the colleges in the USA, it’s 30th in the percentage of its graduates who go on to obtain doctorate degrees.
  • Drexel University: Drexel University is a well-known research university based in Philadelphia. Founded in 1891 by Anthony Drexel, the school’s undergone a variety of name changes. This institution offers 170 different majors stretched across its graduate, doctoral, and undergraduate programs. This school’s intensive co-op program has earned it plenty of accolades.
  • Yale University: Part of the American Ivy League, Yale is a school known for its high-quality academics and long history. Started all the way back in 1716, it’s the third oldest university in the US.  Currently, this institution is split into 14 separate schools of thought; twelve out of these fourteen programs are devoted to professions. As of 2015, the school boasted a student population of roughly 12,000.

Scott Pruitt’s Educational Background

Why He’s Earned Our Notice:

Confirmed on February 17th of 2017, Scott Pruitt is our nation’s newest Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency. In his new position, Pruitt assumes responsibility for protecting both the environment and human health through legislation; to accomplish this goal, former administrators have passed items including the Safe Drinking Water Act, the Endangered Species Preservation Act, and the Air Pollution Control Act. Like much of Trump’s cabinet, Pruitt’s appointment sparked controversy. In his time as the Attorney General of Oklahoma, Pruitt stood in opposition to both the EPA agenda and the scientific consensus on climate change.

In other words, he’s the fox in the henhouse.

Personal Life and Educational Background:

Edward Scott Pruitt came into the world on May 9th of 1968. While born in Danville, he grew up in Lexington. At Lafayette, where he attended high school, the future politician made a name for himself on the gridiron and the baseball diamond. His sportsmanship earned him a baseball scholarship to the University of Kentucky. However, after just a year there, he transferred to Georgetown College to pursue a bachelor’s degree in both political science and communications.

After graduating from the university of Kentucky in 1990, Pruitt enrolled at the University of Tulsa to complete his Juris Doctorate. He completed his last degree in 1993.


  • University of Kentucky (UK):  The UK is a public co-educational institution located in Lexington. In addition to being the largest college in Kentucky, it’s also the best ranked for research activity. As of 2016, the school offered 93 undergraduate, 99 masters, and more than 60 doctoral programs. In the past decade, UK has turned much of its funding towards increasing its research activity.
  • Georgetown College: With less than 2,000 students on campus, Georgetown has little in common with UK. This tiny, private liberal arts college, which is still affiliated with the Baptist church, was one of the first Baptist colleges west of the Allegheny Mountains. While limited in graduate programs, attendees have a wide array of undergraduate degrees to choose from. Since 1989, Georgetown produced 38 Fulbright Scholars and five Rhodes Scholars.
  • University of Tulsa: Well-regarded for its programs in English and engineering, the University of Tulsa is a private institution located in Oklahoma. The school is responsible for the Gilcrease Museum, one of the largest collection of Western art in the world. The college currently six separate colleges and a wide array of both graduate and undergraduate programs. The 2016 U.S. News and World Report ranked Tulsa as 86th in the nation. Bloomberg has also ranked the school number one for providing high amounts of aid to its business students.

Eric Trump’s Educational Background: Where Did Eric Trump Learn his Trade?

Why He Deserves Our Notice:

Like many in his family, Eric Trump found his success in the world of business. He’s starred beside his father on The Celebrity Apprentice and currently serves as a trustee of the Trump organization. With his controversial father running the Whitehouse, it falls upon the shoulders of Eric and his brother to run his multi-billion dollar corporation.  In 2012, Forbes recognized Eric as their top “30 under 30” in real estate. He’s also known for his involvement in a variety of charities. Since establishing the Eric Trump Foundation in 2006, he’s donated over 30 million dollars to defeating childhood cancer.

Personal Life:

Eric Frederick Trump was born to Donald and Ivana Trump on January 6th of 1984. After his parents’ divorce, he spent much of his time with his maternal grandparents. In interviews, Eric has made it clear that his parents were much too busy to be present. Much like his other siblings, he was an honor student who did well both in school and on the field. As he grew, he developed an interest in things such as golf, hunting, and sports. A simple Google search will result in plenty of pictures with him beside big game trophies. While he remained unmarried for much of his life, Eric tied the knot with long-term girlfriend, Lara Yunaska, in 2014.

He currently holds a bachelor’s degree.


  • Trinity School:  Eric Trump attended this highly-selective, New York-based private academy until 1995.  Claiming a founding date of 1709, Trinity is the oldest continually operated school in New York City. The school receives a lot of accolades yearly and has held Forbes’ title for best college preparatory school in the United States.  This school serves nearly a 1000 students yearly in grades ranging from kindergarten to high school senior.
  • The Hill School:   In 1996, Eric transferred to complete his education at this Pennsylvania-based Hill School. In addition, he served on its board until moving on to other things in 2013. This private, coeducational institution has been in continual operation since opening its doors in 1851. The school offers nine academic departments and nearly 30 advanced placement courses. Over a typical year, The Hill School serves around 500 students across its 200-acre campus.
  • Georgetown University:  His choice in secondary education came as a shock to much of his family. Instead of attending Penn State, he applied for and was accepted to, Georgetown University. After four years, he graduated with a degree in finance and management.  While not as well known for its business programs as Penn State, Georgetown is a reputable university.  Its main campus hosts nine different undergraduate and graduate schools.  The school’s known for its ability to produce diplomats and highly-regarded members of congress.

Rex W. Tillerson’s Educational Background: How Well-Educated is Exxon Mobil’s Former CEO?

 Why They’ve Earned Our Notice:

Previously unknown to much of the American public, Rex Tillerson rocketed into the spotlight after assuming his role as the 69th United States Secretary of State. The former CEO of ExxonMobil, he’s worked for many years as both a civil engineer and an energy executive. In the past, he’s also helped run the US-Russian oil company, Exxon Neftgaas, and awarded the Order of Friendship by President Putin for his work. In his free time, he volunteers to help the Ford’s Theater Society, Boy Scouts of America, the Congregational churches of America, and the United Negro College Fund. While he did not donate directly to Donald Trump’s campaign, he’s a staunch Republican and heavy supporter of conservative policies.

Personal Life:

Rex Wayne Tillerson was born to Patty Sue and Bobby Joe Tillerson on March 23 of 1952.  He spent many of his foundational years in Texas.  While growing up, he joined and became highly active in the Boy Scouts of America. By the age of 13, he’d earned the honor of Eagle Scout. In an interview, he once said, “”I think the highlight of my youth and adolescent years were my achievements in Scouting.”. It’s been said that, to understand Tillerson, that one has to understand the principles of scouting. His favorite novel to-date is  Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged.

Rex’s currently married to Renda St. Clair and the proud father of four children. He’s also the holder of a bachelor’s degree.


  • Huntsville High School: Rex Tillerson graduated from Huntsville High School in 1970.   Per data and reviews provided by Great Schools, this school leaves a lot to be desired.  In 2016, however, Huntsville was approved as one of the nation’s Districts of Innovation. It’s not yet known how this will affect perceptions of the school and its academic rigor.
  • University of Texas at Austin: In 1975, Tillerson graduated from the University of Texas’ Austin campus with a bachelor in civil engineering. While there, Tillerson took part in the Tejas Club, the Longhorn band and joined the Alpha Phi Omega fraternity. Upon graduating he joined the ranks of other notable alumni. This branch of the University of Texas is home to nearly 50, 0000 students.

Jeff Sessions’ Educational Background: How Law Savvy is Our New Attorney General?

Why They’ve Earned Our Notice:

Jeff Sessions was sworn in as the 84th Attorney General on February 9th of 2017.  Unlike much of Trump’s retinue, he possesses ample experience in public and governmental services. In fact, he served as an Alabaman senator for more than two decades. However, it was not his ample experience that made his appointment controversial. The former government employee is infamous for his racially insensitive comments. His extremely conservative record, in which he opposed both same-sex marriage and TARP, also raises some eyebrows. As US Attorney General, Sessions will act as a legal counselor to the legislature and play  “People’s Lawyer” for all the nation’s citizens.

Personal Life:

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III came into the world on Christmas Eve of 1946. He learned about business at a young age and quickly came to appreciate his Scottish-Irish heritage. His father, Jefferson Beauregard Sessions Junior, owned a general store and a farm equipment dealership. While attending the local school, he spent a lot of time with the local Boy Scout troop. By 1964, he’d earned the distinction of Eagle Scout.  Building upon the skills learned in Boy Scouts, he served in the US Reserves throughout much of the 1970s.  Being a soldier, however, was not his calling. His true passion was law.


  • Wilcox County High School: Jeff Sessions graduated from Camden’s Wilcox County High School (WCHS) in the mid-1960s. In modern times, this high school is home to roughly 600 students in grades 9 to 12. The school serves as home to a wide variety of clubs including Future Farmers of America, book club, and science club.
  • Huntingdon College: Sessions graduated with a B.A. from Huntingdon College in 1969. While there, he served as student body president. A coeducational, private liberal arts college, Huntingdon was originally founded as the Tuskegee Female College in 1854.  The school currently boasts 15 varsity teams and 1100 students. Due to its long history, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in early 2000.
  • University of Alabama: Lawyers are not hewn solely from bachelor’s degrees. After his graduation from Huntingdon, Jeff Sessions enrolled at the University of Alabama to complete his J.D.  The University of Alabama (UA) is a public research university centered in Tuscaloosa. It’s the largest and oldest of any public university in the state. It offers students a choice of 13 different academic divisions. The U.S. News & World Report consistently names UA as one of the top public universities in the country.

John F. Kelly’s Educational Background: Does He Possess the Brains to Lead Homeland Security?

 Why They’ve Earned Our Notice:

On January 20th of 2017, John F. Kelly was sworn in as the fifth United States Secretary of Homeland Security.  He was nominated to his position by President Trump in the latter parts of 2016. Long before ever accepting his new post, this retired Marine corps general served as the Commander of the United States Southern Command. In this position, he held responsibility for American military operations across Central America, South America, and the Caribbean.  It can be said, however, even with all the responsibility he’s held prior, that his new job certainly represents a step up. As the new Secretary of Homeland Security, he’s in charge of protecting the United States from terrorist threats and providing a quick response to all the nation’s natural disaster.

Personal Life:

Born on May 11th of 1950, John Francis Kelly was raised in an inner Boston suburb. By the time he’d reached 16, Kelly had hitchhiked his way all the way from Massachusetts to the outer confines of Washington State. A daring move for a daring kid. After looping back home, he joined the military as a United States Merchant Marine. This, unlike many things he’d encountered captured his interest. When the 1970 draft came up, he signed up as a member of the US Marine Corps. After two years of service, he was discharged with the rank of lieutenant. By 2003, he was a brigadier general. From there, Kelly quickly rocketed to the highest rankings of the United States Military.

He’s been married to his wife, Karen Hernest, since 1976. The two have had three children together. His eldest child’s death in Afghanistan made Kelly the highest-ranking member of the military to lose a child to the battles in Iraq and Afghanistan.   In addition to his family, Kelly also devoted plenty of time to getting an education.


  • University of Massachusetts Boston: John Francis Kelly graduated from the University of Massachusetts’ (UMASS) in 1973. He would later build upon this degree, earning a master’s degree, at Georgetown.  UMASS, however, is certainly not one to be looked down on. Spread across five different campuses, this public university boasts a student population of roughly 73-thousand. In 2016, Times Higher Education ranked UMASS as the 57th school in the nation.
  • Georgetown University: Nine years after earning his bachelor’s degree, John Kelly graduated from Georgetown with a Master of Science in National Security Studies. This highly-regarded private research university is located in the heart of the nation’s capital. Georgetown students can choose from more than 48 disciplines spread across nine different schools of thoughts. Now boasting annual enrollments of roughly 18,000, the school continues to produce some of the world’s best diplomats.

Thomas E. Price’s Educational Background: How Well-Educated is the New Secretary of Health and Human Services?

Why They’ve Earned Our Notice:

On February 10th of 2017, Thomas Edmund Price was sworn in as the 23rd Secretary of Health and Human Services. An American physician and staunch Republican, Price served previously as the U.S. representative for Georgia’s 6th congressional district. During his 12 years as a member of the legislature, Price headed up the House Budget and Republican Policy committees. He’s also donated much of his time to advancing his medical career. Before becoming a senator, Price directed orthopedics at Grady Memorial Hospital. While he once held the wellbeing of hundreds in his hands, his new position makes him responsible for protecting the health of and providing essential human services for all Americans.

Personal Life:

Coming into the world in October of 1954, Thomas Price is currently 62-years of age. He grew up in Dearborn and even attended the local school district. He’s been married to his wife, Betty, for decades and is the father of one child. Much like her husband, Missus Price has spent a lot of time serving in the public sector.  He’s also a staunch supporter of the Presbyterian church, former President of his hometown’s Rotary Club and a member of North Fulton’s Chamber of Commerce. Like much of Trump’s cabinet, he’s estimated to have a net worth in excess of $10 million dollars.


  • Dearborn High School: Price was educated at and graduated from Dearborn High School. This public school has been in continual operation since its founding in 1983 and is one of three high schools in the Dearborn City School District. Recent figures place the school’s enrollment at roughly 2,000 students.
  • University of Michigan: Tom Price was not content with anything less than a doctorate. After many years of study, he graduated with an M.D. from the University of Michigan. Most commonly referred to as “Michigan”, UOM is a public research university located in Ann Arbor. The school itself, however, has been in existence longer than its home state has been part of the union. Considered one of the foremost research universities in the world, Michigan sees nearly 45 thousand students in a typical academic year.
  • Emory University: Moving directly from his degree and into his residency, much of Price’s knowledge of medicine was acquired at Emory University. This Atlanta-based research university has been in continual operation since 1836. As of fall of 2016, the school possesses an endowment of 6.4 billion and nearly 14-thousand students. Students can choose from nine academic divisions including the Goizueta Business School, Neil Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing, and the Candler School of Theology. In its annual poll,  S. News & World Report ranked Emory the 20th best university in the nation.



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