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Alec Baldwin’s Educational Background: Did He Act Up in the Classroom?

American producer, comedian, writer, and actor, Alec Baldwin is best known for his role on hit-comedy 30 Rock. He rocketed back into the spotlight on October 1st of 2016 when he debuted his portrayal of Donald Trump on SNL. During his long career the stage, Baldwin’s been a recipient of multiple awards including an Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award.  Before he took to primetime television, and late night comedy, he spent much of his thespian career bouncing between the silver screen in Broadway; his early credits include Forever Lulu, The Doctors, and Loot. When not working on set, Alec Baldwin spends much of his time acting on behalf of animal rights. He also contributes time to community theater organizations and serves on the board of directors for a variety of acting-focused non-profits. While his 2004 divorce left him bitter, Baldwin has since rediscovered happiness with his second wife and two young children.

The second of six children born to Alexander and Carol Baldwin, Alexander Rae Baldwin III came into the world on April 3rd of 1958. Along with his five siblings, Alec was raised in the Massapequa suburb of Long Island. He attended, and played football for, Alfred G. Berner High School. Due to falling enrollment throughout the 1980s, the school permanently shuttered its doors in 1987. Little information can be found on this defunct institution. His education did not end there.

In 1976, Alec began his baccalaureate education at George Washington University. While there, Baldwin majored in political science with every intention of becoming a lawyer. However, after he rediscovered his childhood love of acting, he left his dreams of courtroom drama behind.  After uncovering his passion, Alec enrolled in the drama department at New York University.  While his political science didn’t end in law school, it might have helped him in his portrayals of Donald Trump. However, considering his career, it’s likely his education at New York University that proved vital.


Kevin Durant’s Educational Background: How Educated is He?

Kevin Durant A winner of the NBA’s MVP award, four NBA scoring titles, and two Olympic gold medals, Kevin Durant currently plays small forward for the Golden State Warriors. Before he joined Oakland’s basketball team in 2016, Durant played nine seasons with the Oklahoma City Thunder.   His life isn’t all basketball, however. The 6’9’’ player describes himself as a “high school kid” at heart and enjoys nothing more than kicking back with a video game.  In addition to being an amateur gamer, Durant’s an entrepreneur. He owns several properties in Oklahoma City and runs his own restaurant in the Bricktown neighborhood. Possessing a heart big enough to match his frame, Durant’s known for dedicating his time to philanthropic causes. However, long before he picked up a basketball or broke ground on his restaurant, he was a kid growing up in the suburbs of Washington.

Kevin Durant was born to two government workers, Wayne and Wanda Pratt, on September 29th of 1988.  His father’s departure before his son’s first birthday left Kevin, and his three siblings, to be raised by his mother and grandmother, Barbara.  Interestingly enough, when he was younger, Durant always felt self-conscious about his height. It was his grandmother that helped him see that towering above other students was nothing to be ashamed of and encouraged him to make use of it.  During the time Durant struggled with his height, he spent hours  at the local Boys and Girls Club. His time there helped him discover a passion, and innate ability, for basketball. At the age of 11, he led his AAU team, the Jaguars, to a national championship. From that moment on, Durant decided to play for the NBA. Before transferring to basketball factory Oak Hill Academy as a junior, Kevin played as a freshman and sophomore at Montrose Christian.

Postgraduation, he joined the other Longhorns at the University of Texas. During his  semesters there, Durant continued to set records on the court and even became the first freshman to earn the Naismith College Player of the Year.  An article from the NY Times quotes Durant as saying the following about earning his degree: “To walk across the stage will be just as important as being drafted,. Maybe even more important because that lasts an entire lifetime.” Durant later earned a bachelor’s in education with a minor in social work.


Jordan Spieth: Is this Master Winner the Holder of a Master’s Degree?

A well-known professional golfer, Jordan Spieth is the second-youngest champion in Masters history. He’s also one of the few people in the world to win the US Junior Amateur championship more than once, and the first man since 1922 to win two majors before his 22nd birthday. In addition to his championships, Spieth won the 2013 Rookie of the Year award and has been described as “all that is exemplary in sport”. Besides working on his unorthodox golf swing, he also donates time and money to his charitable foundation to help junior golf, special needs, and veteran’s programs. Long before he picked ups his clubs, however, Jordan was just the first of three children born to Mary Christine and Shawn Spieth.

Jordan Spieth was brought into the world, more specifically, Dallas, on July 27th of 1993.  Considering both of his parents were star college athletes, one in baseball and one in basketball, his love of sports should come as no surprise. Before settling on golf as his sport of time, Jordan spent plenty of time playing soccer, football, and basketball. To give their son access to the best in golfing facilities, his parents joined the Brookhaven Country Club. In less than four years, he caught the eyes of former pro golfer Cameron McCormick. Over time, the pair developed a coaching relationship that went far beyond the confines of that country club. During this time, Jordan attended St. Monica’s Catholic School.   Founded in 1955, this religion-centered school teaches students in kindergarten to eighth.

From there, he moved to Jesuit College Preparatory School, a young men’s high-school home to approximately 1,100 students, and established himself as a true golf prodigy.  While there, Jordan won his first major golf award: the US Junior Amateur Championship. In late 2011, Jordan graduated from Jesuit. In late 2011, Spieth applied, and was accepted to, the University of Texas in that same year. After just 1.5 years in college, he dropped out to pursue a career in professional golf. At this point,  Jordan Spieth has expressed no interest in completing his education.

Lewis Hamilton’s Educational Background: How Well-Educated is McLaren’s Star Racer?

A driver for the Mercedes AMG Petronas team, Lewis Hamilton is widely regarded as one of the best Formula One racers. In addition to winning three world championships, Hamilton emerged victorious from the British Formula Renault,  the Formula Three Euroseries, and the GP2. Over the entirety of his professional career, he’s earned over 2,200 career points. When not circling the tracks at blistering speeds, Lewis donates time to organizations like UNICEF, nurturing his own budding music career, and indulging his love of fine art.  Before he ever sat behind the steering wheel of a McLaren, however, Lewis was just a young Brit with dreams of thick-walled racing tires.

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton came into the world on January 7th of 1985. His parents, Carmen Larbalestier and Anthony Hamilton, separated when he was only two years old. As a result, the young boy spent much of his youth torn between his parents and a plethora of half siblings. However, that did not make his childhood unpleasant. While he learned to appreciate racing with a remote-controlled car, much of his education took place at the John Henry Newman School. Founded in 1987, this Roman Catholic primary schools educates approximately 1500 students between the ages of 11 and 18.  However, his focus was not solely on his education.  By the age of 10, Hamilton had already won his first British Karting Championship, met his future boss, and centered his sights on a future racing career.

After finishing his program at John Henry Newman, Lewis Hamilton enrolled in Cambridge’s school of Arts and Sciences (CATS). This private boarding school gives students a chance to learn the classical subjects at university cities, such as Cambridge, Canterbury, Boston, and London.  It’s a school known for its rigorous academics. As Lewis moved directly into his professional racing career after graduating from CATS, it’s unclear just how his time there might impact his future success.  He has expressed no interest in furthering his education.

Eli Manning: Just How Well-Educated is the Giants’ Star?

The two-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback of the New York Giants, Eli Manning’s football success should come as no surprise; we’ll delve more into why later. This young athlete led his team to victory in Super Bowls XLII and XLVI. Before that, he was an outstanding college player who racked up 10, 119 passing yards and 81 touchdown passes. He is now the father of three young girls and married to Abby McGrew of New York City. When off the gridiron, and away from his home in Hoboken, Eli donates his time to a variety of charitable causes. This includes raising funds for victims of Hurricane Katrina and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. He also served as a host for Guiding Eyes for the Blind’s Golf Classic since 2008.However, his biggest planned contribution comes from his promise to help construct the “The Eli Manning Children’s Clinic” at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. Long before Eli thought of sponsoring his own hospital ward, though, he was just the youngest of three brothers growing up in New Orleans.

Elisha Nelson Manning, the youngest child of “Archie” and Olivia Manning, came into the world on January 3rd of 1981. You might say that football was in his genes. His father was a long-term quarterback for the New Orleans Saints and spent 16 seasons in the NFL. Therefore, it’s little surprise that all three of Archie’s sons, including Eli, fell in love with the sport. That didn’t mean his path to stardom was easy. Being the smallest and youngest of the Manning siblings, Eli spent a lot of time being picked on and teased by his elder brothers. While growing up,  Eli spent a lot of time with his level-headed mother, Olivia. This supposedly earned him the nickname “Easy” and helped him learn how to keep a level head in a crisis. That’s proved indispensable on the green. Before long, like most children, it came time for Eli Manning to zip up his bag, pack his lunch, and head off to school.

All of his primary education took place at the Isidore Newman School. This private, co-educational, non-denominational school, teaches students from preschool to graduation. Located on a roughly 11-acre campus in uptown New Orleans, the institution boasts over 100 years of history, roughly 1,000 students and nearly 6,000 alumni. Its motto, “Discimus Agere Agendo”, can be translated as “We Learn to do by Doing.” Once he graduated from Isidore Newman, he applied to and was accepted at, the University of Mississippi (“Ole Miss”). The flagship university for the state of Mississippi was founded in 1848 and has become known for its ability to produce notable alumni in public service, research, and academics. It’s home to 15 different academic divisions and its own accredited medical school. With almost 24,000 students, it’s the largest university in the state. Balancing academics and sports relatively well, Eli Manning graduated from the Ole Miss with a 3.44 GPA and a marketing degree. At this time, he has expressed no interest in returning to further his education.

Rory McIlroy’s Educational Background: Did He Hit Hole-In-Ones in the Classroom?

A professional golfer from Northern Ireland, Rory McIlroy is the winner of the 2011 U.S. Open and the 2012 PGA Championship. He’s the youngest player in history to win the PGA tour. When not practicing on his golf swing, he lives in County Down and donates his time to various charitable causes. For example, he’s a UNICEF ambassador for all Northern Ireland. On December 21st of 2016, Golfweek also revealed something that might be filling his calendar for some time to come: wedding plans. The long-time bachelor recently unveiled plans to marry his current fiancé, Erica Stoll, sometime in April of 2017. Not born with a putter in his hand, though pretty darn close to it, Rory started life as a little boy growing up in Northern Ireland.

Born on May 4th of 1989, Rory’s the only child of Gerry and Rosie McIlroy. His father, being a fan of golf himself, introduced his son to the sport before the boy learned to walk. By the age of two, McIlroy was hitting 40-yard drives and sinking hole-in-ones by the age of nine. Realizing his son had a gift, Gerry McIlroy and Rosie McIlroy worked late shifts and multiple jobs to pay for the best in golfing education. Judging by the fact that he won his first international championship in Florida at ten years old, all the hard work seemed to have paid off. However, with all that time dedicated to golf, it only goes to reason that his schooling might suffer.

For the entirety of his academic career, Rory McIlroy attended the Sullivan Upper School located in Hollywood of Northern Ireland. Founded in 1877, this cross-denominational, coeducational school is home to approximately 1,100 enrolled pupils. The school is known for some high-level wins in rugby, hockey, golfing, and cricket. What it’s not, however, is the place McIlroy graduated from. In fact, he never graduated at all. At age 16, Rory dropped out of school to pursue a full-time career in professional golf and, so far, has never looked back.

Russell Wilson’s Educational Background: What Degree Is In His Showcase?

A Seattle Seahawks quarterback once ridiculed for having small stature, Russell Wilson led his team to an NFC West and Super Bowl XLVIII title. He’s also earned the Rookie of the Year award from Over the course of his career, Russell ran 17,585 passing and roughly 3,000 rushing yards. When football season ends, Russell puts on another hat, more specifically, a baseball cap. On the books, he’s part of the Texas Rangers and spends some off seasons at the team’s training camps. Suffice to say, being part of two professional teams, he’s a huge fan of sports in general. When away from the baseball diamond and the football field, he somehow finds time to devote to his “Why Not You?” foundation.  With so little free time left, it’s unlikely he’ll ever continue his education. Read on to find out about his early life and what kind of degree rests next to his Super Bowl ring.

The second of three children born to Harrison III and Tammy Wilson, Russell Carrington spent most of his childhood in Richmond, Virginia. His father, a former NFL prospect, nurtured his son’s love of football and basketball from a very young age. During this time, Russell and his elder brother attended The Collegiate School. This preparatory school serves about 1,600 students from pre-Kindergarten through 12th grade. The main campus includes a fully-outfitted center for the arts, three libraries, two separate science buildings,  the Seal Athletic Center, and the Robins Campus. Its other notable alumni include Mike Henry, Robert Wrenn, and Scottie Thompson.  In his time at Collegiate, Russell served as class president and as a member of both the basketball and baseball teams.

His education did not end with his high school graduation. G.E. Branch III once wrote: “ “Regardless of whether the team you chose to support in Sunday’s Super Bowl won or lost, can we agree on one point? Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is the NFL’s higher education Most Valuable Player this season.” Even though it meant turning down a draft pick from the Baltimore Orioles, Wilson completed his baccalaureate in communications at North Carolina State University in just three years. This university boasts a student body of roughly 34,000 and is best known for its programs in engineering and education. Russell, seemingly not satisfied with that, went on to earn his Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Much like his undergraduate institution, this school is a large, flagship institution laying claim to a diverse student body. In recognition of his outstanding achievements in the classroom, Wilson was awarded the Arthur Ashe Jr. Sports Scholar award in 2011. Therefore, while some might call Russell Wilson small in stature, it’d be just plain wrong to call him small-minded.

Novak Djokovic Educational Background: Did College Help His Topspin?

 Novak DjokovicThe No.2 ranking man in single’s tennis according to the Association of Tennis Professionals, Novak Djokovic is  considered one of the greatest players of all time. As of August of 2016, he holds the best match winning rate in Open Era. Additionally, his racquet work secured him 12 Grand Slam titles, 6 Australian Open titles, 3 Wimbledon titles, and 2 US Open titles. On top of all of that, Djokovic happens to be a polyglot with five languages under his belt: Serbian, French Italian, German, and English. Before he picked up a racquet,  Djokovic was just a kid growing up in the 1990s.

Novak, the eldest of three children, was born to Srdan and Dijana Djokovic on May 22nd of 1987. He spent the entirety of his youth in Serbia.   His love of tennis came early. In fact, it’s said that Djokovic began playing at just four years old. Just two years later, at six, he was spotted by famed tennis player Jelena Gencic. By the time he reached 12, Gencic realized that the young player needed better competition. That’s what drove him to apply to the Pilic tennis academy in Germany; he spent four years there. At the ripe old age of 14, he kicked off his international career. Djokovic’s educational career ended with his graduation from a high school in Belgrade.

That’s a fact that Novak commonly laments. In an article by NDTV, he stated the following, “ I never went to university. Well, if I can say, that’s one wish I have in life, one regret, that I would like to go in some university, because I really like the idea of educating yourself and being part of a group of students.” In 2007, Djokovic founded the Novak Djokovic Foundation to help underprivileged Serbian children achieve an education.


The Role of Homework in your Child’s Education

Home Work

We all dream of our children getting admission in top 10 universities in US that’s a source of great appeal and aspire awe in many students considering the ample job opportunities it can lead to for the selected candidates in future. But getting admission in these universities is not a piece of cake, it requires a lot of hard work and determination from the very beginning. But that doesn’t mean you don’t apply at all. You cant be admitted if you don’t apply. If you don’t apply you self -select yourself out of a chance of getting admission in a prestigious university by not applying in the first place. Another factor that helps securing admission in university is your previous academic record and your good grades. You do need to have good grades to be even considered admission  in the first place even before an entry test.

The reason many students fail to secure admission in top universities is due to low marks and not having a strong base. Even if a person is successful in applying to a particular university at first, but wouldn’t be able to clear the interview or entry test due to weak concepts that affects their confidence of in a long run.


What can be done?

Seek help

If you think your child is having difficulty coping in school, doesn’t easily grasp the concepts and needs extra attention, then you don’t have to worry anymore as there’s so much help available online. Now you don’t even have to worry about hiring a professional to help your child with his studies. There are homework helpers who can make your life hassle free, without you having to worry about making your child finish his long list of homework. The best part is within minutes you can find someone who can cater to your needs as well as fit your budget (yes, these homework helpers are pretty economical) and get homework help online from the comfort of your own home. Hiring a tutor was never so easy before.


 After School Home Work

Importance of home work

Homework is one of the most controversial topics as different people have different opinions. For some parents homework is a nightmare, while some parents think homework is necessary for the enforcement of concepts at home. The debate over homework is an old one. Good and Brophy defines homework as, “ An important extension of in-school opportunities to learn.” (p.393).

While some proponents strongly believe in the importance of homework in the development of a child’s progress,  still the question arsis, is homework important in determining the student’s grade?


It Reinforces the concepts learnt in class

Homework proves to be an important intersection between home and school. Homework given prior to a lesson can support learning later in class. Homework provides ample opportunities for reinforcement of concepts learnt during school hours. Children tend to forget the concepts learnt in class easily if they are not reinforced at home, as some subjects, for instance maths needs a lot practice and reinforcement. So, if you are a parent, you’ll have to find the best math tutor in your area and make the child reiterate all maths concepts.

Children develop research skills

When a child gets a monthly assignment to be done at home, it develops his/her research skills. As children research for themselves from reference materials such as encyclopedias, books, and cds and gather information from people. It develops their research skills and makes them independent learners.

Promotes sense of responsibility

When children are given the assignment to do it independently without the help of teachers and peers, it teaches them to be more responsible. When a child brings an assignment home gather and organize the material and submit it on a given deadline and receive a grade for his performance. It strengthens his/her sense of responsibility.

Time Management and sound planning

It teaches children necessary skills such as sound planning and time management as they are solely responsible for the work.

Parent’s stays connected

When a child brings homework, it offers schools an opportunity to let parents know what their children are learning at school. It keeps parents informed about their academic progress, different class activities and concepts done in school and also if a child is able to grasp those concepts or having difficulty learning them. It makes possible for parents to keep a check and balance and monitor their independent progress.



It keeps children busy

They say an empty mind is a devils workshop. If a child is free throughout the day tends to get involved in mischief and meaningless activities such as playing games on Xbox or excessively using the internet and social media which is not at all healthy. Hence homework helps parents compete with the distractions of media.


Teachers can keep track of students’ progress           

Homework allows teachers to keep track with a child’s progress, it helps the teacher understanding if a child is having difficulty understanding content or falling behind the rest of the class.


Problem solving

Problem solving is another important skill that children learn when they are confronted with problems while completing their assignments, they figure out the way to resolve the issues, teaches them how to solve problems later in life.

There are few disadvantages of homework too, which should be kept in mind by the school management and teachers while giving homework such as,

  • It makes children feel tired after spending a long day at school
  • Even though it teaches responsibility to children, but it also causes a lot of stress and anxiety
  • Doesn’t allow them any free time to relax
  • Children don’t get much time to get involved in outdoor activities
  • Sometimes homework isn’t even relevant
  • Students get tired of homework, hence don’t involve in any educational games and books.

While we all agree that homework plays an important role in learning, but at the same time a child mustn’t be burdened with too much homework, it should be moderate, and a school should have a homework policy which dictates the type of homework task should be sent home and their frequency.


Online Learning Is the Way Forward. Here’s Why.

Online Universities and COlleges

We’ve reviewed a lot of changes in the digital landscape here on The Digital Lifestyle, but it is safe to say that nothing is as interesting – and as game-changing – as online learning. A lot of universities are opening up their distance learning programs to online students from all across the country. Some of these programs are even available to international students.

As we get closer to 2017, more and more students are choosing online learning instead of the more conventional brick-and-mortar courses. There are a number of reasons why online learning is the way forward.

More Programs and Courses

One of the reasons why online learning is very popular, especially these past couple of years, is the wealth of new programs and courses now available to students. You’ll be amazed by the number of options to choose from.

Want to pursue a career in law enforcement? It is now possible to get a masters in criminal justice online. We’re not talking about short courses, either. The available criminal justice masters programs are hosted by top universities such as Boston University. You get an accredited degree at the end of the course.

At this point, it is worth noting that online courses are no less challenging than their offline counterparts. Sure, you get extra flexibility, but that doesn’t mean the requirements and standards to meet are lower in any way.

More Universities and Access

The wealth of programs and courses to choose from is not the only reason why online learning is quickly becoming popular. As mentioned before, there are more universities with their own distance learning programs than ever before. The beauty about studying online is that you don’t have to move near the university to enroll in a course of your choice.

Using the previous example, you can actually join Boston University’s criminal justice masters programs without having to move to Boston. In fact, you can continue working a full-time job or managing your business from home while pursuing the bachelor’s or master’s degree.

Immense Flexibility for Students

Online learning is really making pursuing a higher degree easier than ever. Those working a full-time job can now allocate an hour every day at the end of work to study and still complete the online course in 2 years. There are even accelerated programs in certain fields that allow students to get a master’s degree in as little as 12 months.

More importantly, you are not limited to a predesigned course. Allocate more time for the course, invest your energy in studying and completing assignments, and you can complete the course faster. On the other hand, you can also finish the course at a slower pace if you have other responsibilities to attend to.

Is online learning the way forward? The answer to this question is a definite ‘yes’. More students are actively choosing online courses than offline classes for various reasons, including the ones we have covered in this article. You, too, can pursue a degree of your dream without quitting your job or becoming a full-time student.


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