Ex-Fiance Accused of Killing Slain Ballerina

Authorities found the body of Jenni-Lyn Watson on Saturday. Watson, a 20-year-old ballerina at Mercyhurst College, went home to Liverpool, N.Y.  for her Thanksgiving break and was missing since Nov. 19. Now, her ex-fiancé is accused of her murder.

Twenty-one-year-old Steven Pieper, also from Liverpool, had a year-long engagement with Watson and was arrested late afternoon on Saturday. He is charged with second-degree murder.

One of Watson’s closest friends, Mallory Otis, spoke with Pieper after she heard her friend had gone missing.

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Teachers Allowed to Hit Students in 20 U.S. States

the 20 states allowing student hitting

The 20 States in red currently allow teachers to legally hit their misbehaving children

Most parents recognize that even in the most well-respected and established education institutions, their children will inevitably misbehave, which will subject them to punishment in accordance to the school’s disciplinary guidelines.

In fact, in most instances, parents, teachers and administrative professionals understand and agree that negative reinforcement is sometimes deemed necessary when disciplining a disruptive pupil. Most, however, envision a trip to the principal’s office or a missed after school activity an appropriate punishment.

One thing they probably don’t envision is a child being hit with a belt or wooden paddle as an appropriate punishment for misbehavior. Read the rest of this entry »


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