Borders Opens New Marketplace for Textbooks

borders-textbook-marketplaceIt seems like the number of places students can buy textbooks grows everyday. The popular bookseller Borders launched its online “Borders Textbook Marketplace” yesterday, which flaunts 1.4 million titles and savings of up to 90 percent.

The Textbook Marketplace is the product of a partnership between Borders and online textbook source Alibris. Books for all educational levels—elementary school, middle school, high school and college—will be for sale. Other titles frequently used in classrooms are also available, as are education-related books, like advice books for choosing a college and homeschooling resources. Students will also be able to use the platform to resell books.

The new marketplace does not have a rental service, unlike and Barnes & Noble. Textbook rentals look like they will be the big upcoming trend for students who want to save money, so it’s surprising that Borders hasn’t jumped on board. Also yet to be seen is whether or not digital textbooks will be available through the service.

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Getting Ripped Off on College Textbooks

college-textbooksFeeling like you are being ripped off is such a feeling of violation. And while students may complain that their college education isn’t worth the tuition, when you factor in the experience, college degree, and career, the complaints are highly debatable. But when it comes to complaining about being ripped off on college textbooks, students may just have a case.

It is estimated that the average college student spends $900 each year on college textbooks alone.

Between 1995 and 2004 textbook prices rose at more than four times the rate of inflation, according to Nicole Allen, a director at Student Public Interest Research Group, a student advocacy group. “Students are a captive audience since professors decide what books they need to buy,” says Allen.

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