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Students Still Prefer Print Textbooks

college-students-cant-afford-e-readersA recent study conducted by OnCampus Research, a division of the National Association of College Stores, found that 74 percent of college students still prefer printed textbooks over their digital counterparts, even as media attention focuses on the e-reader market. In fact, only about eight percent of students own an e-reader, and more than half don’t intend to buy one.

The survey found that only 13 percent of the students questioned had purchased an e-textbook within the past three months, essentially accounting for the fall semester of 2010. Of those who did buy a e-text, the vast majority used them on laptops: 77 percent. About 30 percent of students read their e-books on a desktop computer, and only 19 percent use a Kindle or Nook. Tablet computers, like the iPad, are the least commonly used, at about four percent.

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Florida Schools Trade Textbooks for Kindles

kindle-bookAnother school is choosing digital textbooks over traditionally bound books. At Clearwater High School in Florida, 2700 students received Kindles today. They will be using the digital reader in math, English and science classes. Principal Keith Mastorides hopes to introduce even more e-textbooks in the future.

The school has found that not all of the desired textbooks that are available are usable on the Kindle. “With the textbook companies, this is new,” Mastorides said. “None of their books are Kindlized.” Cost posed another difficulty. “We do have to work really hard to get our textbook companies to give us a break on the online version,” said Pinellas County School Superintendent Julie Janssen. She did report that the school managed to save about 25 percent on textbooks this year.

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Amazon Kindle $50 Coupon

Last week, Oprah endorsed the Amazon Kindle as her new favorite thing. She cited the Kindle with “changing her life” and being “the wave of the future.” Oprah’s Favorite Things episodes are somewhat of a legend, she’s given away everything from gas grills and her favorite pajama bottoms, to facial creams and Blackberries. In the hundreds of items Oprah has put her “favorite” stamp on, she’s claiming the Amazon Kindle is her all-time fave. Read the rest of this entry »


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