CampusBooks Can Save You Money When Shopping for Textbooks

Buying a book for your college classes can be stressful. You have to drive from local bookstore to local bookstore, search the best rental companies, and even surf or to find the best price for your books. The entire process of comparing books at every venue becomes frustrating.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could just tell someone what book you are looking for and then that person would find the cheapest option for you? Well, I haven’t found a person to do that yet, but I have found an iPhone and Android app that will.

CampusBooks allows you to scan the bar code of any book that you are looking for and it will instantly bring up a list of the cheapest bookstores and online websites where you can buy the book. Or if you do not have the book in front of you where you can scan the bar code, you can type in the name of the book, ISBN, author, or keywords to find what you are looking for.

Another very cool feature of this app is that it has GPS technology that shows you which bookstores are closest to you so that you do not have to drive all over town, searching for the bookstore that promises to save you the most money. This app also has a feature that lets you sell your books, allowing you to earn money from this app instead of spending money on it. You can also visit this page for great deals and coupons.

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Learn Chinese with ChinesePod

So you want to learn to speak Chinese, huh? Well, you could pack up your bags, hop on a plane, and move to China for a while to immerse yourself in the language, or, you could just study with ChinesePod.

ChinesePod is one of the newest ways to learn Chinese. ChinesePod combines podcasts and website lessons to help you become familiar with the Chinese language and then become comfortable speaking it. ChinesePod is composed of audio lessons, study tools, and live teachers who can offer assistance and advise.

ChinesePod has more than 1,500 audio lessons that cover every subject you could possibly imagine. Whether you need a taxi to the airport, directions to the best restaurant, or need to know how to hold a business meeting, ChinesePod has you covered. There are also written transcripts of each lesson so that you can read along as you listen.

The study tools include flashcards, vocabulary practice, and quizzes to see how well you are comprehending each exercise. These tools make it easy for you to really enforce each new lesson and get it into your long term memory.

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Samsung Releases the Galaxy, a Strong Competitor for Apple’s iPad

samsung galaxySo, you haven’t bought into the Apple frenzy and bought a new iPad? iPads are pretty cool devices that can be very useful for students. I have seen many students at my school who have switched from a heavy laptop to a lighter iPad to do their homework on campus, but, if you have not been impressed with the iPad and are holding out for something better, you will be pleased to hear that Samsung has released it’s own tablet computer- and this new tablet has some features that the iPad does not.

Samsung announced on September 23, 2010 that it would soon release it’s new tablet, the Galaxy. The Galaxy is a 7-inch touchscreen tablet, similar to the iPad. It will be available through Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, Spring Nextel, and AT&T.

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Best Android Apps for College

This guest post provided by Justin Sanchez, the founder of Niche Seven.Android Phone

Technology is a college kid’s best friend, and now apps are making taking notes, researching and organization that much easier.  Here are the best Andriod apps for college students to ease your workload with a few clicks of a button.


This one doesn’t need much explanation because most college students already know how useful Wikipedia can be. Wapedia is a fast way to search Wikipedia for information right from your phone and this app comes with a widget to make accessing Wikipedia even quicker.

Cost: Free (Ad supported)

Google Translate

Google Translate lets you instantly translate text between 50+ languages. The app takes voice input and will do text-to-speech translations on several of the more popular languages. For anyone that is taking a language course, this app is very useful in helping to understand and pronounce difficult words.

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