atlanta school district

atlanta school district

Cheating Investigation Causes Dekalb to Remove 24 Educators

The April 2009 CRCTs cheating investigation has brought to light some more changes in the education system of Atlanta. Dekalb County, which is a county in metro-area Atlanta, has removed a total of 29 educators due to concerns that they may have engaged in inappropriate conduct during the administration of the 2009 CRCT. Five of those people have either been terminated or resigned since the notifications were given to employees. Those who remain employed will be reassigned to other duties while the state investigates their certification.

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Whistle-blowing Teachers Targeted in Atlanta Test Score Scandal

More information continues to surface in the ongoing investigation concerning teachers cheating to raise students test scores in the Atlanta School District. Teachers who report instances of cheating that they witness find that they become the target of investigations, are punished for making those claims and in some cases face being fired.

The school district is being investigated for widespread cheating on the 2009 CRCT test. Many teachers have come forward to report that other teachers were cheating by changing students’ answers after they had completed the test or giving students answers while they were completing the test. Teachers are under constant pressure for their students to pass the tests and many educators have been reporting on cheating for years. Unfortunately, those who do the cheating seem to be praised and those who speak out against it are the ones at risk. When a teacher reports that they have witnessed cheating, an investigation is usually launched against the reporting teacher. There is no confidentiality when a report is filed and word spreads quickly about who made the claim and all of the details involved.

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Atlanta Schools Placed on Probation

Students in the Atlanta Public School system are in danger of having their schools lose accreditation. On Tuesday, all Atlanta Public Schools were placed on probation and given nine months to turn things around or face loss of accreditation. This news affects one of the most visible school systems in the state of Georgia.

Surprisingly, this probation has nothing to do with the academics of the Atlanta Public School system. The probation is a result of the infighting and overall governance of the elected board that runs the city’s school system. This type of news is critical to almost 50,000 students because loss of accreditation can affect students’ ability to apply to college and their ability to receive scholarship money.

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