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Baton Rouge

Southern University Changes to Four-Day Schedule

Round Sourthern University SealStudents at Southern University, located in Baton Rouge, will only have to attend class four days week. By the beginning of the spring semester, SU will no longer have Friday classes.

Chancellor James Llorens made the change in hopes that it will reduce the cost of utilities. Additionally, he hopes that it will make more time for student advising and give instructors more office hours. “It’s more of a four-day class schedule than a four-day workweek,” he said. Some universities in the state of Louisiana have no classes after noon on Fridays, but SU will be the first in the state to have absolutely no classes on that day.

“The students think it’s a great idea,” Llorens said. “I think you’ll see more institutions starting to move to it.” SGA President, Demetrius Sumner, said that the four-day schedule is a great idea, and he said that he is receiving a lot of positive feedback from other students.

“A three-day weekend is much more energizing,” Sumner said. “If it proves to be a cost savings, then it’s a double whammy.” The change is made possible by making the classes longer. Monday and Friday classes, that were only 50 minutes before, will be increased to one hour and 20 minutes. Tuesday and Thursday classes will remain the same.

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Lanier Elementary in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Featured on NBC’s School Pride

Lanier Elementary

Photo Credit: Lanier Elementary

Lanier Elementary in Baton Rouge, Louisiana to be featured on NBC’s School Pride.

Production and renovation for on NBC’s School Pride occurred from July 12 to 18, 2010.

Grades: PK-5th

School District: East Baton Rouge Parish School District

School Type: Public Elementary School

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Hurricane Gustav Rips Into Louisiana State University Campus

Hurricane Gustav turned out to be not nearly as damaging as we all feared, but it sure did some damage at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge.  According to the school newspaper, the LSU Reveille, the campus was spared some of the damage suffered by Baton Rouge, but nonetheless was hit by winds of over 90 miles per hour.  Classes are back in session, but things aren’t exactly back to normal.

Here’s some video footage of the damage at LSU:


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