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The Best Psychology Schools in the U.S.

diplomaThe field of psychology is one that will forever be needed, and thus, there will always be jobs available. Psychology is the scientific study of human mental functions and behaviors. From therapists to counselors, a psychology degree can get you involved in the field of helping people by helping them to understand themselves.

Those that want to go into this field can choose to earn a psychology undergraduate degree or choose to continue their education all the way up to the doctoral level. The higher your education in this field, the more responsibility you’ll have with your employment. Those with a psychology bachelor’s degree can find careers in case management, as a career counselor, rehabilitation specialist or psychiatric technician. However, psychology is usually one of those fields where most students choose to get an undergraduate degree as a stepping stone to higher level degrees. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Education Schools in the U.S.

school bussesTeaching is one of the most important, yet underrated, professions on the planet. Without teachers, you can’t have students, many of whom become inspired to touch the lives of other students like their teachers did for them. For those interested in becoming a teacher, it is important to have a good background degree.

The demand for teachers is high, because unlike other current job markets effected by the economy, there are always students that need to be taught. Not only are teachers needed for public schools at the elementary, middle and high school level, but at the college level, as well. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Mathematics Schools in the U.S.

student in classCollege degrees are important and picking a major that you enjoy studying will help ensure you enjoy the career that hopefully results from that degree. For those who enjoy math, a bachelor’s degree in mathematics is a great, yet often overlooked, major. Math degrees can set the stage for a number of careers including an actuary, an applied mathematician, a pure mathematician, a statistician or a school math teacher. Those who have a way with numbers, work well independently and love problem solving could find a very fulfilling career in any one of these positions.

Despite the pictures you probably have in your head right now, a math degree doesn’t automatically limit you to solving math equations with paper and a pencil. Math degrees are useful in computer and information systems, health, the business industry or even operations research. The use of data and numbers makes it possible to apply your mathematics degree to many different career options. Like any degree, students that graduate from the best schools will find that they have an edge in their specific job market. Read the rest of this entry »

Considering the College Rankings: Forbes vs. US News

usnews-vs-forbes-college-rankingsCollege ranking is controversial, and not just because school pride dictates we consider our college or alma mater the best. On the heels of Forbes announcement of the best colleges in the states, US News has released its behemoth of a report. The two reports have fairly different conclusions, so it’s best to consider the different criteria used by each report.

The two reports obviously have different criteria. Forbes specializes in ranking colleges with a high level of student input. The first question in their published criteria asks if students enjoy their classes and overall academic experience. Next they consider how well graduates do in their post-college careers and how many students graduate in four years or less. They do not reveal how they weight the rest of their criteria, but they do say that each counts for less than 20 percent. Read the rest of this entry »

Best Zoology Schools in the U.S.

zoologyCollege students that love animals and haven’t figured out their major field of study yet might consider majoring in zoology. While studying to become a veterinarian will allow you to work with sick and hurt animals, zoology allows you to observe and study animals in their own habitat to learn more about how they fit into the world as a whole, and what we can do to save and preserve each species. Zoology focuses on the study of animals, but other subjects covered include how animals relate to each other, anatomy, genetics, behavior, biology, can covers a wide variety of species including vertebrates and invertebrates.

Whether you’re looking for an associate’s degree or are perusing a doctorate degree, all are available within the field of zoology. Depending on your area of specialization, there are a variety of jobs that you can get with a bachelor of science in zoology degree including working in a medical lab, hospital, agricultural department, environmental agency, zoo and many others. Some of the core classes that are studied include animal psychology, chemistry, calculus, statistics and physics. Read the rest of this entry »

What are the Best Schools in the U.S?

madison square garden college of hoopsNow, this might be a little biased, but I have to say that The University of Oklahoma is the best school in the country.

Okay, it might be a lot biased, but I do have my reasons for thinking this. I also don’t think I’m alone in my belief that my school is the best thing to ever happen to higher education. I’m betting that most college students think their school tops all others. Maybe Harvard has the best swimming team and maybe Rutgers has the best football team.

Every school has its own claim to fame, and now Madison Square Gardens is recognizing that. has created a website for college students to determine which of the 16 Big East schools is the best.

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Top 10 Journalism Schools in the Country

journalismJournalism seems like a tough way to make a living. Everyone knows that the average beat reporter doesn’t earn very much income, but he or she does get to see and experience a lot of interesting things. In fact, journalism is one of the fastest growing degree programs.

Journalism schools today also teach broadcast journalism, print journalism, and mass communications; some even teach advertising and public relations classes. Most journalism students not only learn the how and why of professional writing, but also the legal and ethical aspects of the industry.

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Best 10 Law Schools in the U.S.

justice scalePersonally, if I ever decided to become a lawyer, I would want to go to Harvard Law School. Why, you might ask?

Because Elle Woods from “Legally Blonde” went there, duh.

Thankfully the people at US News have a slightly stricter and more selective process for determining which schools make the best law schools. US News analyzes each school, based on the following quality assessment factors: peer assessment score, assessment by lawyers/judges, selectivity, median LSAT scores, median undergrad GPA, acceptance rate, placement success, employment rate for graduates, and bar passage rate.

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The 10 Best Fine Arts Schools

artWhat exactly can you do with a Masters degree in Fine Arts? Well, you have three main options:

1. Have you always been gifted with a pencil? Maybe sculpting breathtaking works of art form a mound of clay is more your style. Do you want to be a professional artist? Sure, it might be rough going, financially, but the emotional appeal of doing art for art’s sake is too strong for some creative geniuses.
2. Or perhaps you want to share your gift with others and teach students how to express themselves through art. Imagine helping a kindergarten student trace his fingers and create a turkey for Thanksgiving. Or do you see yourself critiquing the final projects of a senior high school art class and helping them prepare for entrance exams to top art schools?
3. Your final main option is to go into graphic arts. Once you master Photoshop, Paint, Illustrator, or another similar program, you could find yourself creating video games, advertisements, newsletters, pamphlets, and so much more.

So, all of these sounds appealing to you? Then check out US News’ list of the top 10 schools to earn a Masters in Fine Arts degree.

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The Best Business Schools in the U.S.

harvard business schoolA lot of students study business. It’s a wide degree program, with plenty of different career paths after graduation. So how can you decide which business school is the best for you?

The Princeton Review compared more than 300 business schools from across the country to determine which are the cream-of-the-crop. Here are their top five business schools, based upon which schools have the best professors, which have the best career prospects, and which have the best classroom experience.

The Best Professors

1.    Harvard University: Business School
2.    University of Virginia: Darden Graduate School of Business Administration
3.    University of Michigan- Ann Arbor: Stephen M. Ross School of Business

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