Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton

Bill Clinton Education Background

bill-clintonWilliam Jefferson Clinton was born William Jefferson Blythe in Hope, Arkansas on August 19, 1946. His biological father died in a car accident just three months before his birth. His mother remarried Roger Clinton when Bill was four, after which he took his stepfather’s name.

Clinton attended high school in Hot Springs, Arkansas and excelled as a saxophone player. He wanted to be a professional musician until, while serving as a Boys Nation delegate, he met President John F. Kennedy in the Rose Garden at the White House, where his political aspirations catalyzed.

Clinton graduated from Georgetown University in 1968 before earning a Rhodes scholarship to Oxford. He went on to receive a degree in law from Yale in 1973 before entering Arkansas politics. He lost his first campaign to become a congressman in the third district of Arkansas in 1974. Read the rest of this entry »

Barack Obama Voted One of Nation’s Best Presidents

barack-obamaDespite what the political pundits, disgruntled Democrats and enraged Republicans may say about President Barack Obama, according to 238 of the nation’s foremost scholars, he is one of the country’s best presidents – ever.

The analysis was conducted by Siena College Research Institute Poll. The scholars ranked the presidents on personal attributes such as integrity, intelligence, leadership and willingness to take risks as well as things they have little control over, like luck.

The aggregate data once again rated Franklin Delano Roosevelt as the best president ever and Obama ranked 15th. Obama earned high marks for intelligence, ability to communicate and imagination, but his score was hindered by his lack of experience and family background.

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2010 Commencement Speakers

GraduationDuring a time with record high unemployment rates, graduating seniors are looking forward to the advice of their college commencement speakers regarding their professional pursuits and for motivation for success in the highly competitive American job market.

Here is a list of some of the nation’s highlighted commencement speakers:

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