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Boston College Student Suffers Minor Injuries After Explosion

A minor explosion occurred at Boston College after a chemistry student experimented with thionyl chloride, a chemical used to make mustard gas. Hee Yeon Cho left the lab on Saturday morning with minor cuts and burns.

Cho was working alone in the lab when a beaker exploded in her hand.

“This was a minor chemical reaction that caused the beaker she was using to break,” Boston College spokesman Jack Dunn said.

After receiving treatment from St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center, Cho drove herself home. In addition to cleaning up the lab, the hazmat team also had to decontaminate her apartment and car.

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NHL Draft: Where Are All the Prospects Going?

nhl draft logoThe first round of the NHL Draft was held Friday night, with winger Taylor Hall going first overall to the Edmonton Oilers.

Perhaps not surprisingly, only one current college player was drafted. Center Riley Sheahan of Notre Dame was drafted 21st overall by the Detroit Red Wings.

Of course, many players who are drafted into the NHL will go to college, with the team drafting them maintaining the rights to that player.

Here’s the colleges where players who were drafted committed to:

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Overdue National Notoriety for ACC’s College Football Elite

acc footballDespite the size of crowds that Florida State University coach Bobby Bowden can draw, it has been a decade since FSU, a member of the Atlantic Coast Conference or ACC, has won the national championship. What’s more, is it’s been nine seasons since a conference team (also FSU) played in the title game. Before Virginia Tech defeated Cincinnati in January at the FedEx Orange Bowl, the ACC hadn’t even won a BCS bowl game this century.

“But if the Chicago Cubs – who haven’t won a World Series since 1908 – can dream, so can the ACC.”

The addition of Virginia Tech and Miami in 2004 and then with Boston College in 2005, the ACC was supposed to become college football’s bully. Instead, it became a national punching bag. Read the rest of this entry »

Linux Use Illegal at Boston College

A student was targeted by police at Boston College… for using Linux? A warrant for search was issued after student Mr. Calixte sent an email stating that another student was gay. Reports say he was targeted because he uses Linux. The computer science major is employed by the Boston College IT department (has since been suspended), and the warrant application states that he is called a “master of his trade among his peers.” From Calixte police seized his computers, flash drives, digital camera, iPod, cell phone, and an Ubunto Linux CD among other things.

Here are a few interesting excerpts from the warrant application:


Mr. Calixte's arrest warrant. (via Electronic Frontier Foundation)

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Boston College Outraged Over Deal With Victoria’s Secret

Looking for a lovely pair of underwear for showing off your Boston College spirit?  No problem — just cover your behind with a pair of Boston College undies from Victoria’s Secret’s Collegiate Pink line.

However, you might want to keep your undies under wraps (which is usually a good idea anyways).  According to the Boston Herald, not everyone at the Catholic college is thrilled that Victoria’s Secret has included Boston College in the list of schools for their new college-themed collection.  These new products feature the names of schools emblazoned on sweatpants, T-shirts, shorts, and yes, underwear.  Products with the names of about 30 schools — including Boston College — are available. In exchange for this partnership,  the schools receive an undisclosed amount.

What’s the fuss?  Well, since Boston College is a Catholic and fairly conservative school, some feel that it’s thoroughly inappropriate for the school to partner with Victoria’s Secret.  Although the college products themselves are not racy, the company is well known for marketing racy lingerie and other sexy products.  As critics have pointed out, the college products have been displayed in the store in full view of not-so-Catholic attire. Read the rest of this entry »


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