break up

break up

Boston Teens Learn How to Break-up Nicely in the World of Social Media

Falling in love is great! There are so many great moments: your first kiss, the first time you introduce him/her to your friends, the first time you meet his/her parents, and the moment when you get a Facebook notification that he/she wants you to confirm your relationship.

Sadly though, most relationships do come to an end at some time. And then come the difficult questions: Should you untag yourself from every picture of the two of you? Should you unfriend him/her? Is it okay to break up with him/her by changing your relationship status to single without telling him/her first? Welcome to the drama that is Facebook relationships.

Luckily, 200 Boston teens recently got together to discuss this sticky subject during a “healthy breakups” one-day conference that was sponsored by the Boston Public Health Commission.

“No one talks to young people about this aspect of relationships,” said one of the conference organizers, Nicole Daley. “We’re here to change that.”

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How to Get Past a Break Up

silver liningDating can be a lot of fun. You get butterflies in your stomach when you think about him or her. You look forward to the text messages and phone calls. You spend a lot of time together, laughing and talking about whatever comes to mind.

But then, when it ends, it can be pretty upsetting. And even if you are not too upset about the end of the relationship, it can take time to move on and get over that person. So here are some tips for moving past a failed relationship.

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