Four Fast Breakfasts for Busy College Students

Thinking of skipping breakfast? Think again. Eating breakfast boosts your metabolism, and gives you the energy you need to start your day. Plus, it keeps you from overeating at lunchtime.

Busy college students often think they don’t have time to grab breakfast in the mornings. They leave their tummies growling at their first class or search for something breakfast-like in the vending machines.

To ensure that you have a quick, healthy breakfast, discover these four meals that won’t disappoint your appetite.

Fruit smoothie: Both filling and healthy, smoothies are amazingly portable. Plus, with all the fruits out there, the combinations are endless. Combine one cup of your favorite yogurt, one cup of your favorite fruit, one tablespoon of pure cane sugar and four ice cubes. Place in blender, and blend until smooth.

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New School Breakfast Program Feeds Kids, but Provides Only Junk Food

For a long time, we have known that eating breakfast before school is a very good thing for students. Eating breakfast gives your body and brain the nutrients that it needs to work hard and stay going all day. Unfortunately, many students do not eat breakfast before going to school. For some, it is a lack of time in the morning; for others, it might be the financial usability to afford breakfast foods.

This problem was very apparent in Chicago Public School’s elementary schools. So, when the Chicago Board of Education passed a new program called Breakfast in the Classroom, it seemed like a good idea. The program was created to ensure that all Chicago elementary students get to eat breakfast by creating a 10-minute period at the beginning of the day when students are expected to eat a pre-made school breakfast.

There was already a pre-class breakfast program in many of these schools, but attendance was low to modest, CPS claims due to the stigma that was attached to the program: “only low-income students eat school breakfast.” Also, CPS said that many children preferred to play outside during the mornings or did not get to school early enough.

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Best Foods to Eat Before an Exam

You’ve spent all night cramming for your test, and just as you leave for class in the morning, your stomach grumbles, reminding you that it’s time for breakfast. So what do you choose? Perhaps it’s a pack of crackers from a vending machine, or maybe a quick bite of your roommate’s leftovers will do the trick. Don’t just settle for convenience food before a big exam. There are several brain foods out there that will increase your chance of getting that much-needed “A.”

Here’s a list of foods that will keep both your stomach and brain satisfied:

Blueberries: Whether in your oatmeal or yogurt, blueberries are one of the best brain foods. Studies have shown blueberries to improve motor skills in lab rats while also possibly reducing the risk of Alzheimer’s.

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Healthy Breakfast Options for Non-Breakfast Students

healthy-breakfastSomehow this semester, I ended up with classes from 8:30am to 12:30pm, three days a week. I am a morning person, so this isn’t as bad as it sounds, except in one area: my tummy. I used to skip breakfast and have an earlier lunch. However, my new schedule of waiting until 12:30pm or later is killing me. So, I decided to give the experts a chance, who say we should eat breakfast every day, and try making a few breakfasts.

Here are the easiest, healthiest and most portable breakfasts I came up with for non-breakfast-eaters, like myself.

1.    Yogurt with berries. My favorite is red raspberry yogurt, covered with fresh blueberries. There is plenty of protein in yogurt, which keeps you full longer, and carbohydrates, to give you a kick of energy early in the morning. Go for fat-free or Greek yogurt to cut fat and calories.

2.    A hard-boiled egg with toast. This is really convenient because you can take it with you on your commute to classes. The egg white will give you lots of protein, and the yolk will give you fat, both of which do wonders for managing hunger, and the toast will give you the carbohydrates your brain needs for class. Read the rest of this entry »


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