At Brooklyn’s Intermediate School 318, Chess is King

If you had walked into Intermediate School 318 in Brooklyn early last week, you would have heard a loud roar coming from the classrooms. You might have thought it was pep-rally for the school’s football team, or something like that. However, if you had walked into the classroom where the most noise was coming from, you would have seen that instead of cheerleaders and a marching band, it was six high-speed chess matches that were making all of the ruckus. At Intermediate School 318, chess is serious business. Why, you might ask? Because this middle school is the winner of the United States Chess Federation’s national high school championship.

On April 8, 2012, I. S. 318’s chess team – which is composed of mostly 8th grade students – traveled to Minneapolis to compete in the tournament against high schools that are notoriously good at the game. They won the tournament, which is great for them, but it is far from being their first major win. In every stairwell at I. S. 318, you can find a chess trophy from various tournaments. The kids are good. Read the rest of this entry »

PTA Mother Arrested for Embezzling Money from Brooklyn School

Broolyn Public School Entrance WayBrooklyn resident Providence Hogan has been accused of stealing nearly $100,000 dollars from PS 29 in Cobble Hill. Hogan was the former treasurer of the PS 29 Parent Teacher Association, and used school events to embezzle funds for her personal use. She made three major withdrawals from the Brooklyn school‘s account between May of 2008 and September of 2010. According to The Brooklyn Paper, Hogan used the ill-gotten funds to pay rent, support her spa business and for fertility treatments.

The former treasurer was found out when the PTA discovered a discrepancy in its tax returns. Hogan used opportunities like charter bus rentals and field trips as excuses to cut herself large checks, the memo lines always reflected real school events. She surrendered herself to the 76th Precinct yesterday morning, and has been released on $15,000 bail. Prosecutors had initially asked for $100,000 bail, the amount Hogan is accused of stealing.

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Hybrid High School / Community College Opening in Brooklyn

Students attending Brooklyn’s new City Polytechnic High School of Engineering, Architecture and Technology (opening Fall 2009) will graduate with both a high school diploma and an Associate’s degree. It’s a progressive approach to high school education that New York City schools chancellor Joel I. Klein says is “long overdue.” mayor bloomberg and joel klein

The school is offering a five-year secondary education with its curriculum based on career and technical education with advanced courses like computer systems and architectural technology being taught at the New York City College of Technology.

City Polytechnic students will be able to start taking college-level classes during their third year, followed by attending classes in person at the College of Technology. This approach is the first of its kind, allowing students to take professional studies like construction management and IT, and will no doubt promote higher graduation rates, a simpler assimilation to college and a higher rate of college attendance and graduation.

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