budget cut protests

budget cut protests

Bloomberg’s Teacher Layoffs Reduced, but Still Grim

teacher union protest

Protesters outside Brooklyn Borough Hall, May 5th

New York City still stands to lose thousands of teachers due to city budget cuts, but the number has been somewhat reduced since the February figure. The mayor originally proposed to eliminate 6,100 teaching jobs through layoffs. Yesterday, it was announced that now 4,278 teachers will be laid off, but the city hopes to reduce the total number of teachers by another 1,500 through attrition.

Reducing the number of teachers, along with other city employees, is part of an effort to reduce the city budget by an additional $400 million. The city is facing a multibillion-dollar deficit for the fiscal year starting on July 1st, despite drawing heavily from city reserves. “Even that will not be enough to avoid layoffs of some city employees, including teachers,” said Bloomberg during an online news conference.

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Wisconsin Teachers Protest Over Budget Cuts

Wisconsin Governor

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker

Scott Walker, new Republican governor of Wisconsin, proposed a budged that triggered a massive protest in Madison today. The budget cuts include making public workers pay more for health insurance, which will reduce take-home pay for many by about seven percent. Walker also wants to strip unions of much of their collective bargaining power. He says the measure is necessary to make up the $137 million deficit.

Thousands of teachers attended the protests, one estimate said that 40 percent of the state’s educators came to the capitol. Many schools were forced to close as teachers took a sick day to attend the protests. Some who are against the cuts are concerned that education will suffer if the school systems loses teachers. “Nobody got into this because they were going to get rich, but they did think they would get treated fairly,” Wisconsin Education Association Council President Mary Bell told Channel 3000.

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New York City Public Schools Eliminates Parent-Paid Teaching Aides

crowded classroomTeachers are sorely underpaid, and the blame is that school systems don’t have the budgets to pay them what they deserve. So they’re over-worked and under-paid. Teachers and schools are always asking for help in the classroom, and grateful when they receive it. So imagine turning away what amounts to free help.

This is what has happened in New York City schools. Parents of children in Manhattan’s public schools have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to pay for teaching assistants out of their own pockets. Thus, freeing a burden on the district’s budget and workload on the teachers. These aides do everything from tutor a variety of classroom subjects to monitor recess. Read the rest of this entry »


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