campus activities

campus activities

Most Popular Campus Faith Groups

Holding handsWhen it comes to college there are a lot of different things that make headlines. When tuition rates are raised, you hear about it. When there is a tragedy involving a student or a party gets out of control, you hear about it. Something you don’t hear a lot about, however, is students practicing and growing their faith on college campuses.

College has gained a reputation for being a place where students can begin their adult life through furthering their education and meeting new people. Something most college students do a lot of is socializing. Whether it is through parties, joining of sororities and fraternities or getting involved in on campus activities, meeting people is not hard to do. For those that want to meet people while they grow in their faith, typically, there are avenues for that as well. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Beat Homesickness While in College

telephoneYou probably thought going to an out-of-state college would offer a sense of independence, a chance to meet new friends and help you escape parental control. But now, after a few days of classes, you realize just how much you miss home.

I know it didn’t take long for me to miss home. My campus house was only 25 minutes from my parents’ house, and yet, I noticed that my bed got more uncomfortable each night. I started to miss the walls of my old high school, and I couldn’t seem to shake the crowded college dining hall and parking lot. It wasn’t long before I decided to spend the weekend at my parents’ house.

It’s normal for college students to feel homesick, but it’s important that you learn to cope. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself skipping class and constantly griping to your roommate about how much you hate the campus. Read the rest of this entry »


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