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The Top 10 Liberal Arts Colleges in the USA

Williams College SealU.S. News recently released their lists of the top colleges in the USA. One of the lists that they released focused solely on Liberal Arts Colleges.

So how did U.S. News determine what makes an excellent liberal arts school? The scores are based partially on the quality of the education that students receive at the institutions and the financial burden families must take on in order to offer this education to their students. All schools that are regionally accredited and for-profit institutions are considered for this honor if they have respond to the statistical survey that U.S. News sends out each year. The students’ level of satisfaction is also taken into consideration, since U.S. News know that no raw set of data can truly evaluate a school’s value.

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Best and Worst College Professors

Have you ever had a professor who was absolutely fantastic? Maybe it was your American history professor, who made the stories come to life by acting them out or using movies to really explain the past. Or maybe it was your chemistry teacher who sang songs about the different elements. Or maybe it was your communications teacher who helped you get over your fear of public speaking.

It doesn’t matter who it was or how they did it, but I’m sure you have had at least one professor who rocked your socks off. Wouldn’t it be awesome if every professor you had was like that? Well, if you attend the right school, this could be the case.

CBS Money Watch recently reported the colleges with the best and worst professors. The schools were ranked based on evaluations from and from reports by The Center for College Affordability and Productivity.

Many of the schools with the best professors are small, private institutions. Most are liberal arts colleges that have student bodies under 4,000 students. This results in fewer students per classroom and more student to teacher interaction.

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12 Liberal Arts Colleges That Are Worth the Cost of Tuition

Planning on attending a liberal arts college? Then plan on shelling out some hard cash. With that said, liberal colleges have proven to be a great educational investment. PayScale, a salary data site, released its recent report on this year’s top liberal arts colleges by salary potential. Here are some of PayScale’s most beneficial liberal arts colleges ranked by the average starting graduate’s salary:graduation

1. Harvey Mudd College: The average salary is $68,900. The yearly tuition is, as of the 2009-2010 school year, $38,467.

2. Claremont McKenna College: The average salary is $58,700. The yearly tuition is, as of the 2009-2010 school year, $38,510.

3. Bucknell University: The average salary is $55,800. The yearly tuition is, as of the 2009-2010 school year, $40,816.

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College Tour Face-off in Minnesota

This last weekend, the students of USD 259 were blessed with a four day weekend, but to me and my best friend it didn’t seem like much of a weekend!

Saturday after her auditions for district band/orchestra, we loaded up with her mom and grandma and headed to Minneapolis/St Paul, Minnesota. After a nine hour drive (that felt more like a 20 hour drive!) we arrived at our hotel and called it an early night; and found it amazing how tired you can be after a day of merely driving. That next morning we woke up a little later and had brunch, then headed to the Mall of America! I had been once a few years ago, but the last of my group had never been so the three of them were extremely excited to see and shop. After shopping from opening to close, we grabbed dinner at one of my favorite restaurants, The Cheesecake Factory, and then headed back to the hotel because we had a very important day coming up!

Monday we made our way to the small, quaint town of Northfield, Minn. to visit Carleton and St. Olaf. Despite the chilly weather, we had a blast at Carleton and really enjoyed everything it seemed to offer. After a tour and interview, we met up with a friend who is currently attending Carleton for lunch and a quick tour of Northfield. After a few free hours, we mad our way to St. Olaf. Unfortunately after a tour and interview with St. Olaf, my friend and myself decided that St. Olaf wasn’t a school we were still interested in. This wasn’t because St. Olaf is a bad school, we just decided that it didn’t have what we wanted.

After a tiring day of two college visits, we woke up early Monday and headed to Macalester, which is located in St. Paul. After a visit and interview (like the other schools), I decided I wanted to apply to this school. I had looked at it online before, but I couldn’t remember why they weren’t on my list in the first place! This goes to show just how important campus visits are!

Campus visits can show you how a school really is and whether it’s for you. So if you are on the edge and have the chance to visit the school, I strongly suggest it because it’s better to visit and know than not visit and always wonder what that school could have been like!


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