celebrity college students

celebrity college students

Emma Watson Wants to be an Average College Student

emma watsonCollege is pretty hectic. With all the late-night study sessions, eight-page papers and accumulative finals, it’s amazing how many of us actually make it to graduation day. With that said, celebs just may have a tougher time in college than the rest of us.

Emma Watson admitted to having a breakdown at Brown University. In a recent interview, the 20-year-old sophomore told Vouge that she just wants to be a normal college student.

She said that she burst out in tears when a fellow classmate asked her for an autograph. She said she wanted her classmates to view her as a normal college student and not as a famous movie star.

“In the end I had a breakdown,” she told Vouge. “Not a hissy fit, more like uncontrollable crying. Everyone looked at me horrified, like, ‘Oh my God! What’s wrong with her?’ I just said, ‘I’m really sorry, but I’m here to study and I just want to be a student. Would it be okay if I don’t sign, because you’ll be seeing me around all the time anyway?'” Read the rest of this entry »


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