Bobby Flay’s Education Background

chef robert william flayRobert William “Bobby” Flay was born on December 10, 1964 in New York City. His parents are Bill and Dorothy Flay. Flay dropped out of high school at age 15.

Flay worked many restaurant jobs as a young man. One of his jobs was making salads at Joe Allen Restaurant in New York’s Theatre District. Flay’s boss recognized his natural ability and paid his tuition to attend the French Culinary Institute. Flay received a degree in culinary arts in 1984.

After culinary school, he started working for several restaurants. The stressful business moved Flay around a lot. Flay held several executive chef potions in several establishments. Flay took the position of executive chef at Mesa Grill in 1991. This career move was pivotal for Flay. It lead to many of his profitable successes.

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College Students Go Gourmet in Dorm Rooms and Cafeterias

college girls pizza partyI was lucky enough to always live off-campus, so I never had the true “dorm cafeteria experience,” nor did I have to balance a microwave, laptop, and television on my small desk that barely fit in my room. I had a kitchen, but that didn’t necessarily mean I ate balanced, healthy, home-cooked meals all the time. College budgets are small, so for me, there was a lot of pizza and Kraft Mac and Cheese. For a long time after I graduated, I couldn’t even look at a PB&J, as it had been a staple of my college diet.

For most students living in the dorms, dinner meant soup in a hotpot or getting pizza delivered. The most interesting thing about the campus dining hall was often the salad bar – and how interesting can a salad bar really be? Read the rest of this entry »


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