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Read and Ride Program Combats Childhood Obesity and Illiteracy

read and ride logoObesity is considered an epidemic in America. Over 34 percent of adults are considered obese. How did this happen? They didn’t turn 18 and magically gain weight. Unfortunately, a large percentage of these adults were overweight or obese as children as well.

Now, one elementary school in North Carolina has started a program to combat childhood obesity and illiteracy.

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NFL Play 60 Helps Students and Schools Fight Obesity

The National Football League (NFL) in collaboration with the USDA and the National Dairy Council (NDC) are doing their part to encourage the country’s youth to stay healthy and play 60

With their joint Fuel Up to Play 60 campaign, these three powerhouses are asking that all 4th-10th grade students from 60,000 schools across the country make a commitment to eating healthier every day and engaging in 60 minutes of fun activity in school or outside of school. Students will have an opportunity to track their progress online where they earn points and enter to win countless prizes like an iPod touch, giveaways and exclusive NFL downloads. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Make School Lunch Healthy and Affordable

sack lunchIf your child’s lunch isn’t part of your back to school plans, consider putting it on the list. While the lunches at school are often more convenient and maybe even more affordable for some, they are generally void of nutrition. School cafeterias dish out as much processed food as a fast-food restaurant, only they try to pass it off as a balanced meal. Corn dogs, football game-style nachos, fruit cocktail, french fries and even those frozen PBJs are common players on the cafeteria tray.

Fuel your child’s body to get through reading, writing and even recess with a wholesome lunch. Shop smart for more nutritious foods and you’ll be able to fill a lunch box in a healthy and affordable way.

  • Buy a reusable lunch container. It’s more environmentally sound and you don’t have to keep paying for new bags. Plus, the insulated bags allow you to pack fresh items. Read the rest of this entry »

Texas Students’ Academics Benefit from Fitness

pe classA new study published this week by Dr. Kenneth Cooper, of the Cooper Institute of Dallas, suggests that students in Texas are greatly benefiting by being physically active. Their testing scores are higher and their behavior is better. Cooper performed physical fitness assessments with more than 2.4 million students in Texas’ public schools. The children who were the most fit and engaged in the most exercise were the ones who saw a greater capacity to learn. On standardized tests required of public school students in Texas, the “TAKS” test or Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills, results were higher in these active children. Schools also reported better attendance.

While physical education programs continually fall to the bottom of budget priorities for school districts, Sen. Jane Nelson is sponsoring legislation that will raise the P.E. credits required by Texas’ middle school children. The state currently requires four semesters of physical education classes, she is proposing six.

“There is more work to do to combat obesity and get children in shape,” said Nelson, “We need to move forward on this issue as if lives depend on it – because they do.”



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