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children’s health

Senate Bill Passes to Improve School Lunch

school lunchKids love pizza, hamburgers and french fries for school lunch, but parents are often reluctant to encourage the purchase of these unhealthy meals. But a new bill that passed in the Senate this week will help reluctant parents with better school lunch choices.

Estimated to cost more than $4 billion, the new bill will raise standards for all foods sold in school, including vending machines. In addition, the number of children who qualify for free lunch would rise. A similar bill is expected to be voted on in the House next month.

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Drowning is a Silent Killer, 11 Signs to Watch for

Kid in PoolAlready halfway through summer vacation parents might be getting a bit lax with their supervision of their children at the pool. Most parents believe that if their kids were in danger they would scream, gasp, or flail their arms, but actually drowning is a silent killer.

In a drowning scenario there normally is not any wild splashing, waving, calling for help or making of a scene. Reports have shown that most Americans don’t notice people drowning a mere 30 yards away.

The body’s respiratory system was designed primarily for breathing, and speech secondary, therefore breathing must occur before speech can be utilized. When a person is drowning their mouth alternatively drops below the surface level of the water prohibiting the body’s respiratory system from inhaling or exhaling long enough to call for help. To try and lift their mouths above water, naturally people push their arms down laterally against the water, thus preventing them from waving for help, or moving towards a rescuer. Most abled persons are only capable of staying above water for 20 to 60 seconds before submersion.

So whether your kids are playing in the pool or swimming at the beach, here are some tips to stay safe this summer: Read the rest of this entry »


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