University of Washington’s Foreign Student Population Might Be Too Large

University of washingtonIf you are a current freshman at the University of Washington, you could be paying $28,059 for your annual tuition, or you might get a free ride. What determines which students are lucky and which have to foot the bill? It is not academic or athletic based, nor is it need-based. Instead, the students who pay the higher amount are from foreign countries and those who are paying nothing for their education are from low-income families in Washington.

These foreign students who paying a hefty sum for their education compose about 18 percent of the school’s freshmen class; 11 percent are from China. The school recently needed to raise funds after state financing was cut by more than 50 percent in the past three years, and it did so by offering more admissions offers to students who live in foreign countries. This also means that there are less spots available for students who live in the state.

Michael K. Young, the school’s president, feel that by increasing the school’s international population, the school will be setting itself up for success in the future. He is not at all concerned with the fact that the population of students who are from another country is higher than the population of students who are from another state.

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Online University Brings New Opportunities to Asian Students

Fuvahmulak is an isolated island in the Maldives, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean. One of the residents of Fuvahmulak, Abdulla Rasheed Ahmed, wanted to further his education by earning his doctoral degree in education, but since Fuvahmulak is so isolated, the closest university to his home was an hour’s flight away, and this university does not even offer the degree that Ahmed was seeking.

In the past, Ahmed had taken time off from his job as a school principal to earn his bachelor’s and master’s degree, but he did not want to be away from his family and job for a long enough period to earn his doctoral degree. So, what was he to do? Ahmed did something that seems pretty normal to us, but is not nearly as common in Asia: he enrolled in an online university.

“Studying online is very suitable for working people,” Ahmed said. “You can study anytime, anywhere, regardless of your location.”

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Maine Public School Plans to Moonlight as International Boarding School

Dr. Kenneth Smith at the Great Wall of China Photo Credit: Du Bin for The New York Times

Dr. Kenneth Smith at the Great Wall of China Photo Credit: Du Bin for The New York Times

It is no secret that schools across America have been brainstorming ways to increase enrollment and revenue.

At Stearns High School in Millinocket, Maine the need for students is so apparent, the county’s superintendent Dr. Kenneth Smith has committed to crossing oceans to solve the school’s enrollment problem.

According to the NY Times, Dr. Smith has developed a plan to embark to China, hire a consultant to provide Chinese connections, and lure students back to Millinocket to enroll at the high school for $27,000 a year to cover tuition, room and board. Read the rest of this entry »

Chinese Teachers Teach American Students About Chinese Culture

chinese flagHow much do you know about the Chinese language or culture?

I admit, I don’t know much at all. But if I went to school in Lawton, Oklahoma. I would be studying this subject under the instruction of a Chinese woman named Zheng Yue.

Zheng is one of 325 guest teachers form China who are teaching in America. These teachers have volunteered to teach here in order to educate students about the Chinese culture and language. In exchange, 2,000 American school administrators are visiting China. The program is an effort by China that aims to educate others about the country and the Chinese people.

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