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Class of 2009

Graduation is Right Around the Corner

graduation-capJust this last week, Josten’s came to East High to deliver our caps and gowns. Upon receiving the graduation attire, it made graduation so much more tangible for the anxious senior class. We have been counting down the days to Senior’s Last Day for nearly two weeks now and getting the cap, gown, and graduation announcements made it seem like graduation and our last day as students in the halls of East High are that much closer.

It seems that all of this is rather bitter-sweet. Sweet in the sense that we have less than 30 days until Seniors Last Day. Almost a month until graduation. Bitter then considering it may be the last time we see some of our friends, knowing we are going to part ways and go down our own paths. All of us say we are ready for last day and graduation, but it makes me, and I’m sure a lot of other people, wonder about what the future holds for us. Considering the next step in the college process is letting our schools know where we plan to attend, makes everything also so much more tangible since it comes before Senior’s Last Day and graduation. Read the rest of this entry »

High School Seniors Staring Down Final 9 Weeks

graduateIt’s hard to believe once we return from Spring break, which is much needed, that we only have nine more weeks left in our senior year! It’s so weird to think that I only have nine more weeks in the halls and classrooms of East High. Probably thinking I’m getting a little overly sentimental, but I think I can honestly say I have had a good time high school. A lot of people I know have had a rough time in high school for this reason or that, but overall it’s been great for me. I’ve experienced a few things that may have put a damper on my high school experience, but I tried not to let those things ruin my years at East completely.

With this realization of only having nine more weeks of school, it also makes me realize what all I still have ahead of my in what seems like such a short time. International Baccaulaureate testing, graduation, school, softball, and the list goes on! So this realization may also benefit me in that I have a short time to finish a lot of things. Another thing I think of when I realize we only have nine more weeks is that soon I will be hearing from all my colleges! This will be an acting time this time next month because by then I will more than likely know where I’m going!

So while nine weeks may seem short, there is still so much more left in my Senior year!

Senioritis in the Classroom

Teachers at my school, and more specifically my individual teachers, have really begun to notice senioritis and the effects it is having on their students. Of course, these teachers begin to worry about their students and want to keep them engaged in their classes. But can teachers really help to cure senioritis before it takes ahold of the student completely?

In my psychology class, my teacher has decided to have us teach the class. Right now we are going over the Biological perspective of Psychology and since we have gone over it before (last year in my SL class), this particular teacher decided we will each get a certain part to teach and we will be required to teach the information to our students. Read the rest of this entry »

As Semester Draws to an End

I can’t believe that the first semester of my senior year is already over! It seems just yesterday I was walking down the halls saying hello to friends I hadn’t seen all summer. Now I’m immersed in finals week and trying to wrap up everything as the semester comes to a close.

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with how this semester has gone. I’ve had my share of rough patches, but what student doesn’t?! Although I did slack and my GPA will suffer some from this slacking, it will be motivation to push myself even harder my second semester. I also received so far an acceptance letter from the University of Tulsa and a rejection letter from the University of Chicago, beginning another trip down decision lane. Of course, I still have eight schools to hear from so a decision is no where near in my future.

So as first semester comes to an end and the second semester looms close in the future, I look forward to my last semster in high school, but also the things that lay ahead after high school.

Tips for Memorable Senior Pictures

This Saturday I will be getting my senior pictures! And as I thought of this, it prompted many ideas to surface in my head and made me wonder if everyone knows how great senior pictures are, but also how important they tend to be. A reason for their importance is simply this may be the only time someone ever gets pictures like this taken. Senior pictures should be a big deal!

Photos are our gateway to the memories of our past. They create a real and nostalgic feeling when we remember the best days we had. When we take photos of the biggest moments in our lives, we tend to overlook the fact that these digital copies might get lost in the hustle. That is why even in this new age of digital and cloud storage, photo albums and books still have their places. This is why PrintedMemories helps a lot of people preserve their best times in personalized books. Check them out and avail of their latest discount.

One of the key things though when getting pictures taken is to be sure to be yourself in the pictures. Especially when it comes to outfits, where you take your pictures, and the poses in the pictures. You want to make sure everything in the pictures is an accurate portrayal of who you are. Read the rest of this entry »

Senior Year Thus Far

It’s crazy to think that it’s been a full month since I started my Senior year. With a rocky start it seemed this year would drag on and on, so that college seemed as though it would never come. But as I look back on the last month, I realize that so far, my Senior year has had a great start.

I will admit things have been stressful. Trying to finish my Extended Essay for IB, picking up a completely new sport (golf!), starting my college application process, and worrying about my regular coursework, things have gone past chaotic. I’ve been kept busy and although finding time to sleep has been difficult it hasn’t been as impossible as I thought it would be!

Senior year is a year where a lot of growth occurs. You mature as you realize what all you will have to face once you graduate and go off to a college or university of your choice. It seems myself and my friends have begun taking much more responsibility for our actions and that we have grown so much closer in a matter of one month! I am excited to see not only myself but also my friends grow throughout the year and see where we all end up going after graduation. Although I do not look forward to our final goodbyes, I have come to realize that the friends I have now will always be a part of me because not only have they been through so much with me these past 3 years, they have also helped shape the person I am today.

I hope as the year progresses that it will turn out just as fun and exciting or even more as the past month has been. Its my Senior year! And I intend on having as much fun as I possibly can! This may be the last chance I get to see some of these people so having a good senior year and enjoying myself is essential so there is nothing I can look back on and regret doing or not doing.

Facing An Early Dose of Senioritis

I’ve been back to school now for a week and a half and already it seems the teachers enjoy piling on the homework! Not only do I have homework to manage, but golf and other outside (yet school related) projects that need to be finished! Here’s where my time management skills pay off right? Well there is also something that most seniors deal with at some point in their final year of high school and I don’t think time management skills can really help with this ‘disease’.senioritis

I’m sure for those who know how I feel (and by the title of my blog!) have already labeled this so-called ‘disease’: Senioritis. Symptoms include: not wanting to do school work, avoiding homework, and overall procrastinating more so than usual. I know this is something I shouldn’t have to face until my second semester, but it’s already starting to nip at my heels. Of course, first semester is much easier to deal with. You must keep your grades up, you must apply to your schools, there are so many things you must accomplish first semester that you don’t have time to let senioritis sink in and really effect you. It’s second semester most students struggle with.

The biggest problem a lot of seniors see is their grades slipping second semester. They assume that once they are accepted to a school, they have it made. Well keep in mind that your college will not only want a midyear report, but also a final report. The final report shows your second semester grades because the college wants to be sure you are still the same hardworking person that applied. Colleges have been known for revoking scholarships from students because they didn’t manage to keep their GPAs up to par with what the scholarship requires. Keep in mind then second semester than you aren’t totally set in stone going to a college with a set amount of money, things can easily change!

So the next time I decide to blow off a psych assignment or put off a calc assignment, I’ll be sure to recheck myself and make myself do the work. I hope all of you that face the same problems do the same! Don’t let senioritis cause too many problems!

East High School says Welcome Back!

August 14th finally rolled around and I couldn’t have been more excited! It was the first day of school and what made it even more exciting was the fact it was the first day of my SENIOR year! I got to school early to meet up with my friends and I don’t think we could have been more excited! We walked around saying to each other “09?…09!” Nerdy I know, but we were just so excited to finally be starting our senior year at East High.

The first day jitters I had experienced the previous years seemed to just disappear. As I walked into the school and around the rest of the day I held myself high because I knew that I was now at the top of the totem pole! My friends and I were untouchable, or so it seemed. It is finally our turn to rule the school and we can hardly wait to see what the school year has to offer us!

Although being a senior is amazing, it is also very humbling in a sense. The under classmen are expected to respect you, but at the same time, I feel that the same under classmen deserve respect from me in return. Sure, occasionally scaring one may be slightly entertaining, but remembered how I felt being a freshman or even a sophomore, I felt more sympathetic towards the younger students and tried not to come off as too cocky or scary, because I want to be like a lot of the seniors I knew the past years. The seniors I knew were far from scary and treated us under classmen as one of them. That is how I want to present myself to the other students; I want them to view me as approachable.

So as I walked through the halls of East High the very first day of my senior year not only did I feel like I was on top of the world, I also wanted the younger students to see me and look up to me rather than view me as someone scary just because they are a senior. Let’s hope the rest of my school year goes just as smooth as my first day back!

Oh! The Anticipation of the First Day of School

School is a mere 4 days away and I can barely take the wait much longer! I mean, it is my senior year! I’m ready to walk through the halls knowing that I am now the oldest and most experienced at the school.

Although I am anxious, at the same time there is a lot of pressure! Knowing I am the oldest also makes me realize that the younger students, especially the freshmen entering the IB program, will be looking up to me. I realized that I will be setting an example so even though I am a senior, I don’t want to make myself look like an idiot or do something completely ridiculous that the freshmen will see and think its OK to do. So with my senior year not only comes fun, but also much more responsibility since students, no matter what grade, look up to you.back to school

Also with my senior year comes the realization that next fall, I will be heading of to college on my own. Thinking about it, I have a lot to learn before I go off! I mean, I don’t even know how to do my own laundry yet! It’s just weird to think about, in one year I will be almost 100% independent. This makes me realize that I have a lot of growing up to do, but of course this is a hard thing to accept because I’m the type of person that has always been a kid at heart but everyone has to grow up eventually. With planning on going so far away, I realize I may have to do my growing up here pretty soon to ensure my success going so far away.

So with my senior year starting in only 4 more days I realize that although I will be facing more responsibility than in recent years, I will also be having so much fun with my friends and everything that will be going on! I have a feeling that things that seemed ridiculous these last couple of years will be so much more exciting and fun since it’s my last chance to do.

Time for Enrollment!

I’m one of those weird kids that enjoys getting their enrollment packet in the mail. Getting the packet this year not only made me excited for the school year to begin, but also made me realize just how exciting this year is going to be as a senior! As soon as I had the packet ripped open, I helped mom fill everything out and sent it on its way in the mail, since our district has a pay-by-mail enrollment option.

Well, I came back from a week in Colorado, where I had forgotten completely about my enrollment packet and when mom brought up going to finish enrollment, I got extremely excited! My senior year, how exciting!?

I enrolled on my own this year. Normally my mom comes along, making sure we get everything we need in the packets while at the school. This year I met a friend to enroll with, rather than going with my mom. I remember, especially 9th grade, enrolling in past years and being terrified of making myself look like a fool in front of the older kids. This year though was an entirely different story. I was one of the older kids, not one of the awkward underclassmen that thought about every step they made in fear of falling on their face in front of everyone else.

I walked in with my friend, knowing I was a senior, and went through the few steps left (such as getting your parking decal and ID photo taken and activated) with no problems, feeling like I was gliding past everyone else in a way that they could tell I was a senior, that I am one of the students that run things this next year! I could barely contain myself as I walked through a sea of familiar and unfamiliar faces.

As my senior year creeps closer and closer, the more excited I become. Even though it will be a difficult year, everyone has always told me your senior year is by far the greatest of your high school years. I can’t wait to experience it!


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