class reunion

class reunion

Cornell Hosts First 80th Class Reunion

Few of us know where we’ll be when we reach the age of 101, that is, if we aspire to live that long.  Rosemary Hunt Todd, who’s just a little over a century old, graduated from Cornell University in 1931 and came back to sing the Alma Mater, the fight song, and to celebrate Cornell University‘s first 80th reunion.

Though Todd was the only one that made it to the reunion last Thursday, she was nonetheless elated to be back and enjoyed the warm welcome that she received from other alumni.

“It’s overwhelming,” she announced at the reunion. “I appreciate it to no end. I just can’t believe this would ever happen.”

Most would think the reason that Todd was the only one to show up to the reunion was because she was the only one still alive. Surprisingly, 30 class members are still kicking.

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