Socioeconomic Standing Impacts Students’ Abilities to Ask for Help in Classrooms

1st or 2nd grade student with his hand raisedFor a long time, we have thought that students from different socioeconomic backgrounds have different levels of success due to the resources available to them in their schools and from their families. However, a new study from the University of Pennsylvania shows an equally important factor in a child’s success is how the study identifies and secures resources for himself.

The study found that the children who came from middle class families are more comfortable and assertive when asking their teachers for help than are the children who come from working class families. Because the students ask more often and more assertively, they often get more attention and assistance from their teachers, which in turn helps them do better in class.

The students who come from middle-class families often directly address the teachers in class and sometimes will even interrupt the teacher in order to make their questions known. The students who came from working-class families were more likely to wait for assistance and rarely sought it out themselves. If they did actually seek out assistance from the teacher, they were passive and waited longer for the teacher to notice them than the students from middle-class families did, on average.

According to Jessica McCrory Calarco, the author of the study, the children who are more comfortable asking for assistance might have learned to do so from their parents. These parents “also deliberately coach children on the language and strategies to use in making these requests [for additional help from the teachers].”

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Engrade Offers Free Educational Services

engrade-logoNot to be outdone by LearnBoost‘s newly integrated “freemium” service, Engrade, the free online classroom management system, is now offering a Wiki feature that will allow teachers to share lesson plans and collaborate on projects. Engrade announced the new application yesterday, in addition to new email organization options and faster interface speeds.

Engrade’s free web-based tools offer educators an integrated system that includes a messaging service, attendance book, grading books, document organization system for lesson planning, homework calendars, and the ability to created grade reports. The system can be adapted to any grade level, and is used by teachers of elementary school, high school and college professors.

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Michigan Schools Lauch High-Tech “Blended” Classes

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Starting Tuesday in Grand Rapids, Michigan, high schoolers will begin taking classes in a new format. The new “blended learning” curriculum endeavors to make students more technologically literate, while expanding their approaches to learning.

In the blended course, students will study two subjects, social studies and math. The system is scheduled around a three-day program. The first day is taught in a traditional classroom setting, and the following two days involve meeting with other students and teachers to work on technology-based projects.

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10 Ways Parents Can Help Teachers During Back to School

Teachers are some of the hardest working professionals around. Most are grossly underpaid, under appreciated and over worked. It’s often a thankless job that they do year after year because they’re passionate about educating the next generation and helping children find their own talents, interests and skills.parent teacher relationship

As the parent of a child in your teacher’s classroom you should feel a responsibility to help him or her in any way you can. Recognizing that many parents have full-time jobs and commitments too, there are still small things that will not go unnoticed by your child’s instructor.

Help everyone start the new school year with gold stars by taking some of these tips from educators:

1. Teachers always need helping hands as there is always something extra to be done. Parents (or grandparents) with free time and a willingness to help at the school are more than welcome! They appreciate having someone to do cutouts, distribute snacks, monitor lunch and recess, prep projects, or even tutor.

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