coffee shop

coffee shop

Best End of Year Gifts for Teachers

As the spring semester draws to an end, it’s time to start thinking about appreciation gifts for your child’s teacher. We often love to give teachers sentimental gifts, but we tend to overlook the more practical ones.

Mugs, apple-themed knick-knacks and other trinkets are cute, but this year, get your child’s teacher something they’ll really want or need. All of the below gift ideas can be underĀ $20, depending on how much you want to spend, and will do more than just sit on their desk collecting dust.

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Autistic Students Learn Life Lessons in Their School’s Coffee Shop

A public school in New Jersey has found a creative way to help autistic students learn social skills. Thomas Macchiverna is a teacher at Woodrow Wilson Middle School who started a special class for autistic students and students with multiple learning disabilities. In this class, the students run a coffee shop every Friday morning and sell coffee, tea, and various sweets to staff members at the school.

Edward Lin is a seventh grade student who is in the class. One day, when a customer came into the coffee shop, he was reluctant to make eye contact with the customer. However, with some coaching from his teacher, he eventually does connect with the customer and ends the transaction with a smile.

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