cognitive abilities

cognitive abilities

School Success May Be Revealed in the Delivery Rooms

When I took the PSAT, I thought I was taking my first standardized test. However, I was sadly mistaken because I later found out that I had my first standardized test when I was only one-minute old and again when I was five-minutes old.

Wait, what crazy person would give a newborn infant a standardized test? Evidently, doctors and nurses do this on a daily basis when they give babies the Apgar test to evaluate their heart rate, breathing abilities, and other important factors that can predict the child’s future health. The Apgar test is on a scale of one to ten, and babies who score an eight and above and considered healthy.

Now, a recent study of 877,000 Swedish children revealed that this test might reveal more than just the children’s future health. This study showed that those children who have an Apgar score of less than seven are likely to have cognitive deficits as they grow up.

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