college counselors

college counselors

Technology is Helping Counselors Meet Student Demand

It’s no surprise to hear that college students get stressed out but the increased number of students seeking mental health resources has forced college campuses to address overflowing waiting rooms.

College counseling centers across the country have seen an influx of students asking for help with stress and depression. Recent high tech innovations have allowed for the streamlining of intake and help mental health experts to address high risk students more immediately.

There is no proof whether students are currently more depressed or if the negative stigma of seeking help for mental health is slowing dissipating. No matter the cause, it is important for counseling centers to analyze the needs of patients and prioritize treatment by risk. Students found to have high risk depression should be treated more immediately and with more observation.

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More Mental Health Problems in College Freshmen

College freshman are experiencing more mental health problems than ever, according to a study conducted at UCLA‘s Higher Education Research Institute.

“More students are arriving on campus with problems, needing support, and today’s economic factors are putting a lot of extra stress on college students, as they look at their loans and wonder if there will be a career waiting for them on the other side.” said Brian Van Brunt, director of counseling at Western Kentucky University and president of the American College Counseling Association.

“The American Freshman: National Norms Fall 2010” surveyed over 200,000  full-time freshman students at four-year colleges and found that a significant percentage of students rated their mental  health as “below average.” Additionally, merely 52 percent of  students said their emotional health was above average. In 1985, it was 64 percent.

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