college degrees

college degrees

The Value of Your College Degree is on the Rise

jobsWith a troubled economy still very much a reality, people are looking for ways to cut cost corners. Unfortunately for some students, that means questioning if they should go to college after high school or go straight into the work force to help out their families. Many families have had to dip into their kids’ college funds to pay the bills and those that aren’t lucky enough to have a college fund are in even more of a tight spot.

With all of the layoffs and job-loss facing millions of Americans, many are questioning if going to college and earning a degree is worth it anymore. Those wanting to go to college should feel optimistic, as new information has surfaced to answer that very question. In a study done by the College Board, it has been shown that the value of a college degree is indeed going up. Read the rest of this entry »

U.S. Ranks 12th in Higher Education

No longer is the U.S. the leader in higher education for young adults, according to a recent College Board report. The U.S. ranks 12th place in prevalence among adults ranging from ages 25 to 34 with college degrees.graduation rates

Canada is in the lead for having 55.8 percent of the country’s population obtaining at least an associate’s degree. The U.S. lags behind at 40.4 percent. While the report focuses on younger adults, the U.S. ranks sixth when older adults are configured into the study.

The report also focuses on state ranking. The District of Columbia ranks highest, with a completion rate of 62.2 percent. Maryland ranks 12th at 38.6 percent, while Virginia ranks 17th, at 36.5 percent. Read the rest of this entry »


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