college faith groups

college faith groups

Students’ Faith Often Tested During College

sunsetGoing off to college means a lot of changes. Entering adulthood and striking out on your own for the first time turns your world upside down. Many parents hope their new college students will remember to take their faith with them to college, but somewhere along the way, students end up forgetting about their faith.

One of the top reasons students give up their faith in college is temptation. In college, the rules you have to follow are your own, and that freedom can feel pretty sweet. You decide when you come and go, whether you attend class, who you date and interact with and where you spend your time. Having so much freedom all at one time with no fear of being reprimanded for things you otherwise weren’t allowed to do can be overwhelming. From alcohol to sex, there is an abundance of temptation, and many students that were brought up to follow a set of strict religious values find themselves suddenly able to do what they want. Some students are so enticed by they simply make the decision do what they want and abandon their faith. Read the rest of this entry »

Most Popular Campus Faith Groups

Holding handsWhen it comes to college there are a lot of different things that make headlines. When tuition rates are raised, you hear about it. When there is a tragedy involving a student or a party gets out of control, you hear about it. Something you don’t hear a lot about, however, is students practicing and growing their faith on college campuses.

College has gained a reputation for being a place where students can begin their adult life through furthering their education and meeting new people. Something most college students do a lot of is socializing. Whether it is through parties, joining of sororities and fraternities or getting involved in on campus activities, meeting people is not hard to do. For those that want to meet people while they grow in their faith, typically, there are avenues for that as well. Read the rest of this entry »


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