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Ole Miss Voted Top Tailgating School In The U.S.

ole miss top tailgating school

College football season is in full swing and you know what that means…tailgating!

Tailgating is a religion for most college football fans. You spend more time setting up and tailgating than actually attending the game.

Who are the best tailgating schools in the U.S.

1) Ole Miss

Home of “The Grove” – a 10 acre piece of ground that is dedicated to tailgating before Ole Miss football games. No other school can do it like the University of Mississippi. Everyone is all decked out in their Ole Miss Rebels jerseys, logo hats and even fancier clothes than their Sunday church outfit. The large oak trees provide shade and give the tailgating experience a cozy atmosphere. If you haven’t been to an Ole Miss tailgate at The Grove, go check it out.

2) LSU 

3) University of Tennessee

4) Texas A&M

5) Wisconsin

The pre party tailgate usually consists of a bunch of rowdy folks drinking beer, grilling burgers and hotdogs, listening to loud music and catching up with old friends.

Not all tailgating parties are rowdy. You have a few consistent fans that are just wanting to get together to relax and enjoy some good food together before the game.

Does your school have a fun tailgating tradition? Share it here!


posted on November 8th, 2016
by Trey,

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Touchdown Shutdown: Federal Furlough Threatens College Football, Financial Aid

Day two of the shutdown, haven’t slept in weeks…

Nah, just kidding. Unless you work a government job or have a loved one that does, you’re probably not feeling the pain of the furlough just yet. But come Saturday, the shutdown will rear its ugly head in the most holiest of holies: the college football field. Saturdays in the fall are a magical time; early morning purging and energy drink chugging, mid-afternoon grilling and queasiness, and late night strolls back to what you think is your dorm. Unfortunately, the white wigs want to take that majestic ritual away from certain young scholars.

Due to the budget impasse in Congress, this Saturday’s Air Force at Navy and Army at Boston College football games are being cancelled.

Empty Stadium

The reason behind the decision is fairly simple. The Air Force and Military Academies are branches of the government and use government appropriated monies to fund their athletic departments. The Naval Academy’s football games are not in jeopardy because the team is funded by non-appropriated funds, i.e. ticket sales and merchandise.

So a couple of unranked and unheralded college teams aren’t gonna take to the gridiron for the foreseeable future, big whoop, right? The government shutdown “can’t hold you,” and “we can’t stop,” or whatever you kids say. Well, until Macklemore and Miley Cyrus volunteer to help the Department of Education field calls regarding your student-loan questions, you’re gonna have a hard time dealing with next semester’s tuition. Read the rest of this entry »


posted on October 2nd, 2013
by Moore,

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Signing Day Reveals Top 10 College Football Recruits

Today, the country’s top high school football players announced which universities they will attending. More importantly, which college football teams they’ll be playing for. Here is a list of the nation’s top 10 football recruits and where the schools with which they signed

  • Robert Nkemdiche – Ole Miss
  • Max Browne – USC
  • Reuben Foster – Alabama
  • Su’a Cravens – USC
  • Thomas Tyner – Oregon
  • Laquon Treadwell – Ole Miss
  • Laremy Tunsil – Ole Miss
  • O.J. Howard – Alabama
  • Henry Poggi – Michigan
  • Ty Issac – USC

See more at the New York Times and Read the rest of this entry »


posted on February 6th, 2013
by Samantha,

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Big Money to be Made in ESPN College Football Contract Over BCS Earnings

The countdown has more than begun. The next college football season in 2013 will be the last year for the BCS.

In 2014 the new 12-year contract with ESPN for the 10 FBS-level conferences will go in to effect. According to USA Today Sports, an anonymous source (due to subject sensitivity) gave them the information that about $400-600 million will go to these 10 conferences annually…and that’s not including the sales coming from tickets and merchandising from the championship game.

Since this revenue is going to be drawn out over the 12-year contract, numbers on how much goes to whom are yet to be decided. It’s being estimated that the revenue total will actually be less than $400 million during the first year but will progressively grow throughout the life of the contract to up to $600 million for the last year of the contract in 2025.

After expenses, here’s an estimated list of how the annual revenue is planning to be split:

  • “Power” Conferences – 71.5%
  • “Group of 5” Conferences – 27%
  • Notre Dame – slightly less than 1%
  • Remaining FBS Independents – .5%

To give a brief idea on about how much revenue that could end up being, we’ll use $500 million as an example figure. After all expenses taken into consideration, about $350-375 million would be left to spread across the 10 FBS conferences (not including revenue from the contracts with the Rose, Sugar and Orange Bowls). Read the rest of this entry »


posted on December 12th, 2012
by Danielle,

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The College Bucket List: 50 Things to do Before You Graduate

School is back in session for many colleges and universities across the country. Freshmen go in with wide-eyed wonder and seniors just want to get it over with. Meanwhile, alumni, like myself, become a bit nostalgic. While I wouldn’t want to go back to my demanding course schedule and bi-annual struggles with financial aid, I would love to go back for even a couple of days for a few of those key collegiate experiences, and even fill in the gaps with the ones I missed.

The beauty of the college experience is that it can be incredibly unifying. We’ve all had to scrape enough quarters together to wash a pair of jeans and probably even slept on a mysterious couch to ensure a safe arrival home the next day. And every school has their own set of unique traditions, like riding the Sooner Schooner at an OU football game, jumping in Mirror Lake at Ohio State, participating in CalTech‘s ditch day, or unleashing Northwestern‘s “the scream” on the Sunday morning before finals. You should take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way – no matter how ridiculous it may seem at the time.

Whether a freshman, sophomore, or fifth-year senior, we want you to have a classic college experience, and so we’ve put together our picks for a college student bucket list. You’ve got (at least) four years to accomplish the items on here, but you’ve got your entire life to conjure up the incredible memories that each item will no doubt deliver.

1. Live in the dorms.

2. Take a nap in the “quad”.

3. Order a pizza and eat the whole thing.

4. Stay up all night cramming for an exam.

5. Become friends with one professor. Read the rest of this entry »


posted on August 6th, 2012
by Brandi, Senior Editor

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LSU Leads Preseason College Football Rankings for 2012

In the world of college sports, back-to-school time truly only means one thing… college football season is on its way. USA Today has released their annual coaches poll for the top 25 teams for preseason college football rankings.

In the Southeastern Conference, seven of their teams made the top 25, and five of those are in the top ten. In the last six consecutive years, the Southeastern Conference has managed to take every BCS title. Leading the preseason rankings in the number spot is last year’s SEC champion LSU, followed by Alabama who beat out LSU for the BCS title.

This year is the first time since USA Today Sports started their coaches poll in 1991 that the team seated in the number one spot had fewer votes than the team placed in the second spot. Another record in this year’s preseason rankings is the tightest spread of 15 points among the top three teams in the poll.

The number one team, LSU, will be returning 15 of last year’s starters as well as 41 team members who lettered last year. Coach Les Miles was quoted as saying the team is fortunate to be in a place that allows them to compete for such a spot. “We recognize that it is more of a reflection of a body of work and understand that right now, it’s a spot that we hold and not one that has been earned. It’s a position that we enjoy. Now we have to go out and play in order to keep it,” he said.

There are six teams in the top 25 rankings that come from the Big 12 Conference, including the conference’s newcomers. Among those are last year’s preseason number one Oklahoma and newcomers TCU and West Virginia. After losing two key players to the NFL draft, Oklahoma State University has dropped to number 19, even after finishing last year’s season as the number three team in the country. Read the rest of this entry »


posted on August 4th, 2012
by Danielle,

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Penn State Pays Joe Paterno’s Estate Millions to Avoid Lawsuit

In a move that could be seen as being overtly sympathetic, Penn State announced that it plans on giving the late Joe Paterno‘s estate and family millions of dollars worth of payments and benefits as part of his employment contract. So far, the school has given the family four checks, which totaled more than $3 million. These payments were for bonuses that Paterno would have gotten for his work during the season, bowl game, and his entire career. The school has also promised the family the use of a suite in Beaver Stadium for the next 25 years.

Sadly, the family’s lawyer says that they still have the right to sue the school. The lawyer, Wick Sollers, says that there hasn’t been any sort of settlement reached between the school and Paterno’s estate.

“However, there has been a straightforward payment of moneys indisputably owed to the Paterno estate,” he said. “The university had requested that the family agree to a full release in return for the payments under the contract. That request was declined and no release was signed.” Read the rest of this entry »


posted on April 23rd, 2012
by Kelsey, Student Blogger

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College Football 2011: Championship Weekend

Big 12 College Football ConferenceBy Cabrone D. Brewer

It’s been one heck of a wild ride around the college football community this year, but for some schools the troubled journey will soon be over. As for the others, let the postseason conference championship madness begin.

Typically the last week in November signals the arrival of Bedlam in the state of Oklahoma, but due to the shrinkage of the Big 12 conference the annual clash between No. 13 Oklahoma and No. 3 Oklahoma State has moved to the first week in December and has never been more important.

Both schools enter the game chasing championship dreams with the Big 12 title on the line for the winner of the contest. OSU is looking to avoid their ninth consecutive loss to the Sooners and keep their national championship hopes alive with a victory. OU is seeking their eight Big 12 title under Bob Stoops.

A win for OSU would give the Cowboys’ their first outright conference title as a member of the Big 12 or Big Eight.

Read the rest of this entry »


posted on December 2nd, 2011
by Guest,

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College Football 2011: Wild Weekend

Baylor Bears and Iowa State Football LogosBy Cabrone D. Brewer

By all accounts this weekend’s college football schedule was supposed to be fairly mundane. But in a season filled with a number of odd twists and turns, it was only fitting that a couple of unexpected victories make their way into the swamp of madness that has become the 2011 race for the BCS Championship.

Undoubtedly the biggest upset of the week took place in Ames, as the lowly Iowa State Cyclones knocked off No. 2 Oklahoma State 37-31 in a double overtime thriller under the Friday night lights.

The Cowboys, playing a day after head women’s basketball coach Kurt Budke and assistant coach Miranda Serma were killed in a plane crash along with two others, found themselves playing relatively flat throughout the game.

Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden threw for the usual 476 yards, but the offense turned the ball over five times — keeping 27-point underdog Iowa State within striking distance at all times.

It was the Cyclones first victory over a top-five opponent in school history and the end of Oklahoma State’s national title hopes.

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posted on November 21st, 2011
by Guest,

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College Football 2011 Week 12: The Home Stretch

blue big ten football logo on whiteBy Cabrone D. Brewer

And so it begins.

With only three weeks left to go in the regular season, the race for college football’s elite to claim division supremacy and secure post-season appearances in a variety of conference championship games has drastically started to heat up — just as the temperatures outside have begun to rapidly cool down.

The pressure continues to swell for No. 17 Nebraska and No. 20 Michigan, as both schools prepare to face each other in a matchup of serve importance for complete ownership of the lead in the Big Ten’s Legends Division.

Both teams enter the game at 8-2 overall with identical 4-2 records in the conference. A Michigan State loss to Indiana would put the winner of Saturday’s game at the Big House into a tie for the chance to play in the inaugural Big Ten Championship. The Cornhuskers hold the tiebreaker advantage over the Spartans, with Michigan needing to win out in order to make a solid case for a conference championship game appearance.

Read the rest of this entry »


posted on November 18th, 2011
by Guest,

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