college grades

college grades

Drinking An Important Predictor of GPA

College freshmen usually step on to campus for the first time with the expectation that their new endeavor will be a greater academic challenge than that of their high school experience. The fear of new demands motivates students to diligently hit the books; at first. Recent studies evaluating how college students spend their time demonstrate decreased time studying and explore how varying activities affect grade point averages.

Working, volunteering, student clubs, Facebook, and watching TV are all activities that distract students from studying; but nothing indicates grade point average more accurately than alcohol consumption. The evidence was found through a survey administered by Outside the Classroom, a company addressing health and wellness issues affecting college students.

Tom Wyatt, director of research, intended to continue research where most journals stop. It’s not a surprise that college students get distracted or that they drink, but the relationship between the two is what Wyatt found interesting.

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How to Quickly Raise Your Grades

a-gradeFinals are a little less than six weeks away, and if your grades are in the dumps, you’re probably ready to pull out your hair. But, there’s still hope on the horizon. There’s still time to turn that C into a B or B into an A.

Here are some tips on how to boost your grades by the end of the semester:

Turn in missing assignments: This one is kind of a no-brainer, but some students forget to ask instructors what’s causing their low grades. You may have missed a day and didn’t realize you had homework, or you may have simply forgotten to turn in work. While some professors have strict rules about taking late assignments, others will give credit even if the assignment is a couple of weeks late. Read the rest of this entry »

How to Recover From Academic Probation

a-gradeAcademic probation isn’t a good thing, but it’s not something you can’t recover from. Academic probation happens when a student lets their grade point average fall below a predetermined number set by the school. There can be different academic criteria even within the same college. For example the overall school GPA may be one thing, but to keep your scholarship, or qualify for a certain field of study, the number may be higher. For some, the slip into academic probation is casual but for others, one semester of too much partying and you’re there. No matter what the scenario, if you find yourself on academic probation, there are a few things you can do to get yourself back on track.

  • Go to class, go to class, go to class: Many times the culprit for bad grades is missing class. Many professors offer participation points to students just for showing up. Even if they don’t, going to class every day will keep you involved in your studies. You will get information that you could miss out on by skipping and going will help you know exactly what you need to study for the tests. Going to class will help you absorb the information that you are being taught which will help improve your chances at a high grade. Read the rest of this entry »

What Is Academic Probation?

failing gradeNo matter who you talk to, college is often looked at as a great way to better yourself. Some things that aren’t talked about as much are the negative aspects of college.

Granted, there is a rigorous process for getting into whichever college you attend: you must submit standardized tests, transcripts and, in some cases, sit for interviews. With all that work to get accepted, there are some people that don’t put as much focus or thought into staying in school. The temptation of skipping class, staying out late partying, socializing and drinking can be a lot to handle. Or sometimes there are unexpected problems that arise that make it impossible for you to keep up with your assignments. Money, family and personal issues can quickly shift your priorities.

Not going to class or turning in homework, for whatever reason, can lead to bad grades. If you keep up with that routine, you will soon find yourself on academic probation. Each student attending school is required to maintain a certain grade point average to be in good standing with the school. If you fall below that grade point average on a cumulative level, you will typically be placed on academic probation. Academic probation serves as a warning to students that if they don’t raise their grades, they could be kicked out of school. Read the rest of this entry »

What Your GPA Means

report-cardThere are a lot of different terms that are thrown around when you enter college and many of those terms come in the form of acronyms. From entrance exams like the ACT or the SAT, to degrees like a BA or BS, all those letters can get confusing. One acronym that has followed you from high school, however, is your GPA, or grade point average.

A grade point average is a way to universally measure student performance on the same scale. Usually on a scale of 0 to 4.0, with 4.0 being the highest, each grade you receive is assigned points and averaged out. (It is possible to receive higher than a 4.0 if you complete extra credit in addition to your perfect grades.) Typically, an A is worth four points, a B is worth three points, a C is worth 2 points and a D is worth one point. For instance, if you take five classes, and earn three A’s and two B’s, your total points would be 18 for that semester. Then you would divide your 18 points by the five classes you took for a grade point average of 3.6. Read the rest of this entry »


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