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Stanford Leads the Best Business Schools

Every two years, Forbes takes a look at the business schools in the U.S. and determines which stand ahead of the competition. For students pursuing an MBA, this means narrowing in on the programs that will most likely provide them with a top-notch education and land them in their dream jobs.stanford business school

Forbes took a look at the return on investment five years after graduation (so for this list, 2004 graduates), and spoke with 17,000 business school alumni from 103 schools to gather its information.

For 2009, Stanford Graduate School of Business rose to the top of the list, and was named the best business school in America by Forbes. The median salary for these Stanford graduates five years later is $225,000, surpassing all other business school graduate salaries.

The rest of the top 10 looks like this: Read the rest of this entry »

The Worst Colleges in America

Browse the library or the Internet, and you’ll find dozens of “best college” rankings lists. But where do you find information about the worst colleges?  Radar Magazine provides an annual list of the Worst Colleges in America.  Keep in mind that these rankings are pretty subjective — but hey, aren’t all college rankings?

They explain the research behind their list – “Our annual college survey is an exhaustive, semiscientific guide to the most substandard schools in America, incorporating statistics on academics, graduation rates, and student life from a diverse array of sources, including the Princeton Review, U.S. News & World Report, and the U.S. Department of Education.”

According to Radar Magazine, here are the worst colleges in America:

University of Bridgeport is America's Worst College.

The Worst College in America: University of Bridgeport

Worst of the Big Ten: Michigan State University

Worst Trust-Fund-Baby College: Bennington College

Worst Ivy League School: Cornell University

Worst Christian School: Liberty University

Worst Party School (tie): San Diego State University and California State University, Chico

Worst Military Academy: Virginia Military Institute

Worst Women’s School: Texas Woman’s University

The Top Green Colleges and Universities in America

The Princeton Review has completed its annual 2009 college rankings list–and this year, they’re ranking the top green schools in America.  While many schools have made strong efforts in recent years to recycle, reuse, and become more sustainable, these are schools who have made sustainability a major mission of everyday life at the school.  Here’s their Green Rating Honor Roll (in alphabetical order):

  1. Arizona State University
  2. Bates College
  3. College of the Atlantic
  4. Emory University
  5. Georgia Institute of Technology
  6. Harvard College
  7. SUNY Binghamton
  8. University of New Hampshire
  9. University of Oregon
  10. University of Washington
  11. Yale University

College of the Atlantic

One particularly noteworthy college on this list: the funky College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine.  This truly amazing school only has about 300 students, and all of them study human ecology.  The school is a child of the environmental movement, and students not only study about sustainable lifestyles–they live one.  This net-zero carbon emissions campus even grows much of its own organic food for the cafeteria, and assists other campuses at becoming more green.  If you’re really interested in environmental issues (and don’t mind going to school on a stunningly beautiful, but isolated island), this might be the place for you!

One impressively green college that The Princeton Review overlooked: Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota. Among other things, this progressive campus receives a good deal of its energy from wind power.

Hooray for The Princeton Review for creating this progressive ranking!

The Top Ten Universities, Says U.S. News and World Report

So U.S. News and World Report comes up with an annual list of the top schools in the United States.  And the top 20 list is just full of schools you’d never expect to find there–NOT! Here’s the 2008 list of top 10 schools as according to U.S. News and World Report:

  1. Princeton University
  2. Harvard University
  3. Yale University
  4. Stanford University
  5. University of Pennsylvania
  6. California Institute of Technology
  7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  8. Duke University
  9. Columbia University
  10. University of Chicago

america's best collegesSo if I sound a little sarcastic, it’s not because I don’t put any stock whatsoever in school rankings.  When you’re choosing a college, it’s important to get as much information as you can about the quality of a school–and rankings are a solid piece of data.  And I’d be naive if I didn’t believe that the reputation of the school a student attends isn’t helpful, at least to some degree.

But the thing is, rankings aren’t everything–especially when you’re talking about an undergraduate education.  Too many students roll their eyes when their guidance counselors proclaim, “It’s not about the name of the school.  It’s about finding a school that fits you personally.”

Students, you’ve got to look past the name and spend some time figuring out what you really want from a college education.  Personal attention?  A particular major? An opportunity to do research with professors?  An urban college campus?  A political college campus?  Figure out what you want, and then find colleges that fit your needs.  If some of them are big name schools, terrific–but maybe they won’t be.  And that’s okay.

Curious about the top high schools in America? See this report from Newsweek.


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