college safety

college safety

How to Stay Safe While Studying Abroad

passport and moneyThe earthquake in Japan and the protests-turned-revolution in Egypt are reminders of events that can affect students while studying abroad. Yet incidents like these should not deter students from going abroad. In fact, the evacuation of American students from Egypt highlights how well prepared study abroad programs really are for such contingencies.

Like domestic universities, all study abroad programs have protocols in place in case of an emergency, but there are also ways in which students also play a role in their own security. “Orientations always start with safety,” says Prema Samuel, the director of international programs at Sarah Lawrence College. Students should be aware of their emergency contacts and make sure that they provide their program directors with the relevant contact info for themselves. If students ever find themselves in a situation where they are unable to get in touch with program leaders, they can also turn to U.S. embassies. “It’s rare that a student is going to go to places where there isn’t an American consulate or an American Embassy,” says Samuel.

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Stay Safe During Holiday Travel Season

I would like to touch on a slightly grim topic. A lot of students and young adults will be traveling alone in the next few weeks and I think it’s important that we all remind each other how easy it is to become a victim. Whether you’re driving or flying, read the following tips for traveling safely this holiday season:

  • Find out if anyone you know is traveling in the same direction and offer to be travel buddies.
  • Students need to exercise their independence, but traveling is not the time to do so. For your own safety, be sure you notify someone of your plans and itinerary.

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