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New iPhone App Colleges Ideal for Researching Schools

colleges iphone appThere’s a new iPhone application on the market for students looking to find information about the school that’s on their mind. Colleges, for the iPhone, can provide quick access to statistics on thousands of U.S. colleges and universities, and no Internet connection is required! This app allows you to create and manage a list of potential schools, and sort them by reach, match, or safety.

Colleges gives the option to search for a specific school or browse through categories such as National Universities, Liberal Arts Colleges, as well as the top in Business, Engineering, Medical and Law schools. The schools are listed by rank based on the US News and World Report. Read the rest of this entry »

Effective Way to Narrow Down College Choices

As the deadline creeps closer for our college folders to be turned in, I realize just how ahead of many of my classmates I am. When I started my whole college search process, it was an absolute mess. I felt overwhelmed because of just how many schools I had to choose from and all the different factors that could play into my choice.

I myself have decided to apply to 10 colleges. I have read in multiple sources that 8 is a good number of colleges to plan on applying to, while anymore than 10 is a little much. How many colleges a students decides on applying to depends heavily on just how much time the student has to devote to applying to each school. And if you realize you don’t have time to apply to a lot of schools then don’t apply to a large amount of schools. All of my colleges are small liberal arts schools, and while most are in the Midwest, I have a few that are located along the east coast. Looking back though, I have realized that keeping myself organized really helped me narrow my list down.

best collegesOne of the biggest helps was This website, after creating a free online account with them, allows you to search through profiles of colleges online and allows you to build a list of schools that you could see yourself applying to. After making such a list with them, their site then will allow you to compare schools and look at different numbers and facts about each school, which really helped to see most of the numbers I wanted to see. When it came to student opinions on the school though, I relied on my book “The Best 366 Colleges” by Princeton Review. This book not only lets you see the numbers like the websites, but it also gives you insight into the student life, campus activities, and application due dates. The book even gives student quotes and explanations, which is nice getting a student produced response rather than the college feeding you a bunch of information that’s been sugar coated to make the college look even better.

So when you begin your college search, I would suggest going online and snooping around there. Also, I would advise you to either buy a copy of the Princeton Review’s “The Best 366 Colleges” or a book that is similar so that you not only get a view point on the college from the college, but also the view point of a student that attends the school.

Using the Internet to find the right college

Finding a school has never been easier than it is today. Whether you’re looking for prospective colleges to attend or you need to know whether a certain neighborhood has a nearby elementary school for your child, using an online school finder can save a tremendous amount of time and effort.

For aspiring college students, a school finder can help narrow a nationwide search for a suitable university. You can conduct searches across thousands of colleges while focusing on a variety of criteria that are important to you. That will help you find a school that can offer the college experience you’d like to enjoy.

For parents, a school finder can help them search for elementary, middle and high schools across the country. This can help them decide whether a move to a certain area is a good decision. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the benefits of using a school finder.

How A School Finder Helps Aspiring College Students
With thousands of colleges from which to choose, the decision of which to attend can be difficult (especially when choosing a college far from home). Your college experience can have a significant impact on your life. The people you meet and the experiences you share can create friendships that last a lifetime.

A school finder can make your decision easier by narrowing your choice based upon the elements that are most important to you. For example, if you prefer to attend a small college, you can search for universities with a small student body. If you’d like to get involved in on-campus groups, a school finder can help you find a college that offers a variety of such groups. You can also search by the types of degrees offered, locations of the schools and available scholarships. Using an online school finder makes the traditional chore of reading college packets tedious and practically irrelevant.

How A School Finder Helps Parents
Parents can use a school finder to locate schools within certain districts, cities, or counties. If you’re planning to move or relocate, you can use this tool to determine whether certain neighborhoods offer a school for your children.

You can also search for a school based upon the type of education offered. For example, if your child requires the need for special educational services, a school finder will help locate elementary, middle and high schools that offer such services. If you prefer a school that can offer vocational or alternative programs for your child, you can locate such schools using this tool. For parents, this can be invaluable for deciding whether moving to a certain city or neighborhood is a good idea.

Using A School Finder To Save Time
Instead of spending hours on the phone or reading pamphlets, use a school finder to save time and narrow your search based upon your criteria. It can make the job of finding a school easier and time-efficient. Whether you’re looking for a university that offers the perfect college experience or an elementary school for your child, an online school finder literally puts the education system at your fingertips.

Article by Damon Zahariades


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