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Big 12 Faces Extinction as Pac 10 Invites Teams to Join

big-12-pac10Facebook statuses, tweets and the like are outraged; many express their disappointment, while some express deep anger about the death of a beloved part of the college experience for many people. What am I talking about? Unfortunately, I’m not talking about the demise of college finals – however those seem just about as integral to my college experience – but the end of the Big 12.

The University of Colorado was the first to leave, announced June 10, 2010, accepting an invitation to join the Pac-Ten. Other college powerhouses who are considering abandoning the Big 12 and joining the Pac-Ten, by invitation, include the University of Oklahoma, Texas A&M, Texas Tech University, and the University of Texas.

The University of Missouri and the University of Nebraska, who is seriously considering, were both invited to join the Big Ten conference. This would leave the former Big 12 with only Kansas University, Kansas State University, Baylor University, and Iowa State University, which would force the Big 12 to dissolve. Read the rest of this entry »

College Lacrosse Team Supports Gay Captain

gay prideLacrosse is a very rough sport. Oneonta College’s men’s lacrosse team is one of the toughest teams who play it. The men have a reputation for being tough and menacing; the head coach, Dan Mahar, admits his players are seen as being “rough around the edges.”

Surprisingly though, these men are incredibly accepting and tolerant.

Huh? Doesn’t really fit the bill, right? Let me explain.

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The NCAA Final Four

ncaa logoWell, the NCAA tournament has seen many upsets as it dwindled from 64 teams to the Final Four. The Final Four teams are Michigan State, Butler, West Virginia, and Duke.

Michigan State, while a very good team, is still a surprising member of the Final Four. The team’s best player, point guard Kalin Lucas, tore his Achilles tendon earlier this season, seemingly ending their chances for a tournament run. However, the Spartans have pulled it together and are now in the Final Four.

Butler is the most “Cinderella” team left standing. Butler started as a five seed, and comes from a mid-major conference, but has been a consistently good basketball team over the last few tournaments.

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“Sweet Sixteen” Teams Move on in NCAA Tournament

ncaa logoWell, the first round of the NCAA tournament is over. Now it’s time for the Sweet Sixteen.

Here are the teams who made it into the second round:

1.    Syracuse
2.    Ohio State
3.    Kansas State
4.    Northern Iowa
5.    Michigan State

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Largest Athletic Budgets of Top 10 Ranked College Teams

College football season just about over. Basketball season is in full swing, and in the spring it’ll be baseball time. Sports are a huge part of the college experience, and at some schools, they are also a huge part of the budget.

The following are the top 10 ranked schools fosu logorom 05-06 and what their athletic budgets were.

Is your school on the list?

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SEC Bans Social Media in College Stadiums

The Southeastern Conference released this month an updated media plan in which they banned the mention of any event details via social media. social media banned by sec

“Ticketed fans can’t produce or disseminate (or aid in producing or disseminating) any material or information about the Event, including, but not limited to, any account, description, picture, video, audio, reproduction or other information concerning the Event,” per the SEC’s new media plan.

What does this mean in layman’s terms? No one can Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or publish at any other social media site details about the games they are attending, as this may compete with authorized media coverage. And unless you can beat the $3 billion deal that the SEC has with CBS for the next 15 years, then you’re likely not authorized. Read the rest of this entry »

College Athletes Side-Lined with Medical Bills

auburn vs georgiaIf you think the school is picking up the tab on all those torn tendons, broken bones and other injuries that are commonplace amongst college athletes, think again. College athletes are amongst those that are burdened with extensive medical bills. Take for example a rower at Colgate University who is strapped with $80,000 in medical bills for back and leg pain. The school won’t pay citing she was treated for an illness and not a sport injury. Read the rest of this entry »

16 College Baseball Teams Play Toward College World Series

baseball_stadiumThe end of the school year brings much anticipated competition to the collegiate world of baseball. Every May, 64 college baseball programs are chosen by their ranks to compete for the right to play a series in the famous Rosenblatt Stadium in Nebraska, the location for the final round of the College World Series.

The year’s playoffs began this weekend with regional play at 16 different college campuses around the country. The hosting schools were the Texas, Texas Christian University, Georgia Tech, Florida, Arizona State, Clemson, East Carolina, North Carolina, Cal State Fullerton, Louisville, Florida State, Oklahoma, California Irvine, Mississippi, Rice, and Louisiana StateRead the rest of this entry »

Colleges Cutting Sports to Save Money

College baseball is a thing of the past at the University of Northern Iowa.

College baseball is a thing of the past at the University of Northern Iowa.

I wrote a few weeks ago about several high schools in California and Florida who were cutting sports programs in order to save funding in this tight economy. Students and parents were upset because, in addition to taking away positive after-school activities, the loss of sports programs would decrease a student’s chance of getting a scholarship. Well now, even some universities are feeling the strain and are being forced to cut sports programs. The end result is even worse though, because college athletes who were thinking about pursuing a professional athletic career are left out in the cold. Read the rest of this entry »

Pants Optional for University of Oregon’s Frisbee Team

frisbeeIn the world of sports, there are rules to be followed.  These rules determine the playing surface, outline scoring methods, and even describe suitable uniforms. These rules are followed to allow for participation in a sporting event. In the case of the University of Oregon’s Ultimate Frisbee team, they decided to follow their own set of rules — no pants, no problem.

During a match at Oregon State University in Corvallis, five members of the University of Oregon’s team decided playing without pants or underwear would be a good decision. The ultimate Frisbee team was on probation at the time for actions involving underage drinking and noise violations toward the end of 2008. Read the rest of this entry »


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