college students and politics

college students and politics

UCLA Student Joins Libyan Rebels for Summer Vacation

For months now, the Libya rebel fighters have been fighting for their freedom from under Muammar Qaddafi’s reign. Thousands of people have died and it is more than likely that many more will lose their lives before the revolution is complete. However, these scary facts did not deter Chris Jeon, a 21-year old UCLA student, from journeying to the country in order to join in on the action.

“This is one of the few real revolutions,” Jeon said. “I just thought I’d come check it out.”

Jeon is a math major at UCLA. After talking with his friends, Jeon decided that it would be a “‘sick’ vacation…to come here and fight with the rebels.” So he bought a one-way plane ticket from Los Angeles to Cairo, Egypt. Once in Egypt, he traveled to Libya, where he has been living for almost two weeks now. He does not speak Arabic but has been using sign language and Italian to communicate with the fighters and their families. His parents do not know that he is currently in Libya.

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Obama Urges College Students to Get Involved in Midterm Elections

president obamaCollege students have a lot going on in early November. Aside from being ready to head home for good food during the Thanksgiving holiday, students are working hard to pass tests, complete projects and get their homework turned in on time.

President Obama wants to add just one more thing to your college to-do list: vote. The president is calling on all college students and young people to get involved in politics and to participate in the November midterm elections.

The president is sending a message to young people across the country that election time is a very important time in our country. Young voters generated a large turnout and a lot of excitement in 2008 when the president was elected, but voter turnout has gone down drastically since then. One of the issues that could affect college students include cuts in student loans due to the GOP push to extend all of the tax cuts that were placed during the Bush administration. Read the rest of this entry »


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