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Holiday Gift Ideas for Mom on a College Budget

She gave you the gift of life, and even though you might be a poor college student now, she still deserves a gift this holiday season. Sure, a framed copy of your report card for this semester is a good idea, but maybe you should consider changing it up this year.

Here are three more creative gift ideas you can get for your mom this year. And yes, we are keeping the fact that you might not exactly be rolling in the dough in mind. However, there are also some more luxury minded options.

1. Pampered Momma
College Budget: Body Lotions Estimated Cost: $25
Luxury Budget: Spa Gift Card Estimated Cost: at least $50

Most moms love being pampered, whether this means taking a bubble bath at home or getting a massage at the local spa. You can either create an at-home-spa experience for Momma or you can send her somewhere else for her pampering. The at-home spa could consist of body lotions, bubble bath, and a loofah. You can buy a gift card in any amount you want, but most spa packages cost at least $50.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Dad on a College Budget

He’s the guy who taught you how to ride a bike. Then, when you were ready for a nicer set of wheels, he taught you how to drive a car. He’s provided advice and listened when you needed him.

There’s no way you can give him a gift as wonderful as he deserves, but you can give Dad something better than a burned CD full of music he’ll never listen to. Here are some creative ideas for gifts for Dad this holiday season. (As always, we are keeping in mind that you might not have tons of cash to put towards gifts this year. Hey, you’re a college student, we get it.)

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Sister on a College Budget

Maybe she acted as your second mom when you were growing up, or maybe she was the terror who stole your favorite toys and wouldn’t give them back. Maybe she walked with you to school on your first day and told you how to avoid the mean kids in class or maybe she was the mean kid in your class.

Either way, she’s your sister and now that you are both grown up (although that does not necessarily mean you are more mature), it’s time to show some sibling love and get her the best holiday gift you can think of…and can afford on your college student budget.

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Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Brother on a College Budget

Alright, so maybe he wasn’t exactly nice to you when you were both younger. Maybe he pulled your hair or hid your favorite toys. Hopefully he’s matured a little by now and has stopped irritating you just for the pleasure of getting on your nerves. He’s your brother and even though he might not deserve it at times, you should probably get him a gift this holiday season.

Here are some cheap and fun gift ideas you can get your brother this year. And hey, you don’t really have to spend a lot of money.

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Espera Más Promotes Brighter Futures for Hispanic Teens

According to, the USA has the highest rates of teen pregnancies of any country in the western industrialized world. Every year, around 750,000 teen girls, or 33 percent of the female teenage population, gets pregnant. This percent is much higher for Hispanic teenagers; around 52 percent of Latinas will become pregnant at least once by age 20, according to the National Campaign. Even more sobering than the thought of teenage pregnancy is the fact that only one third of teenager girls who have a baby will graduate high school.

Luckily, there’s Espera Más. Espera Más (“expect more” in Spanish) is a campaign based in Oklahoma City, OK, that is dedicated to helping Hispanic teens navigate the steps to success in their own lives: graduate high school, attend college, start a career, get married, and start a family, in that order. Espera Más has partnered with local schools and health organizations to promote education, safe sex or assistance, and success for the individual and his/her community. Read the rest of this entry »

The Best Alarm Clocks for College Students

It was only the second day of school, and I already failed to wake up to my cell phone’s alarm. Luckily, I made it to class on time, but determined to not let it happen again, I went to the store after class to get a new alarm. Who knew there were so many different types of alarms on the market today? Which ones will really wake me up in time to get coffee before class? Which ones will short out every time the power flickers? Argh! Too many questions!

So, I came home and started doing a little research. Here are the alarm clocks that I concluded are best for hard to wake students.

This is a basic alarm, perfect for any college student.

1. Sony ICF-C318 Automatic Time Set Clock Radio with Dual Alarm. This is an all-around great alarm and has several awesome features. First, it will never lose the time due to a power outage because it has a back-up lithium power source. Second, it automatically adjusts for Daylight Savings Time, which means I would never be an hour early or late to my classes because I forgot to “fall backward” or “spring forward. “ The third thing about this alarm that really strikes my fancy is that it allows you to program two separate wake up times. With this alarm, if you sleep through your first wake up call, there’s a chance the second one will do the job. Price: Around $15.00. Read the rest of this entry »

ChatRoulette Shocks Viewers with The Last Exorcism [VIDEO]

There’s a new website that many college students visit to meet other people, procrastinate, and maybe have a little fun. Unfortunately for some, they got a lot more than they bargained for when they visited ChatRoulette.last exorcism

ChatRoulette is a website that allows you to video chat with other users from around the world. Sometimes you meet very interesting people, and sometimes you just see a lot of… Well, if you have been to Chat Roulette, then you know what I am talking about.

But who would have thought you could use this website as a marketing ploy? Evidently the creators of “The Last Exorcism” did. I am terrified to see this movie; every time a commercial for it comes on the television, I change the channel. However, some ChatRoulette participants were not able to “change the channel” until it was too late and, I have to say, the reactions contained in this video are pretty hilarious.

VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED Read the rest of this entry » Offers Realistic Views of Internships

internshipratingsInternships are a critical part of the college experience for most students. You are supposed to learn what your “big kid job” will be like after college by interning at a company in your field and gaining invaluable first-hand experience.

Unfortunately, not all internships actually offer students this experience. When I interned at an advertising agency, I ended up mailing letters and buying coffee all day, every day. Not an ideal learning experience. I wish that I had known about when I applied for my internship because then I might have found a better internship.

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Tufts University Limits When Students Can Have Sex

A new policy at Tufts University limits when students can have sex in the dorm rooms.

Living with someone in a small dorm room can be a challenging experience. Roommates often annoy each other. One roommate might be a night owl and the other an early bird. One might like to blare rap and the other likes soft classical music. But imagine how awkward it would be to come back to your room and find your roommate having sex in your room.

Evidently that exact experience has been occurring more and more often at Tufts University. Tufts had to recently create a new policy that says students cannot have sex while their roommate is present. Also, one roommate’s sexual habits should not impede the others privacy, study, or sleeping habits. Read the rest of this entry »

College Students Go Gourmet in Dorm Rooms and Cafeterias

college girls pizza partyI was lucky enough to always live off-campus, so I never had the true “dorm cafeteria experience,” nor did I have to balance a microwave, laptop, and television on my small desk that barely fit in my room. I had a kitchen, but that didn’t necessarily mean I ate balanced, healthy, home-cooked meals all the time. College budgets are small, so for me, there was a lot of pizza and Kraft Mac and Cheese. For a long time after I graduated, I couldn’t even look at a PB&J, as it had been a staple of my college diet.

For most students living in the dorms, dinner meant soup in a hotpot or getting pizza delivered. The most interesting thing about the campus dining hall was often the salad bar – and how interesting can a salad bar really be? Read the rest of this entry »


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